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The Collegiette Experience: Final Thoughts, Thanks and a Farewell

To tell you all the truth it only seems to be just now sinking in that I'm graduating in a few weeks.  In fact, I think part of me is still in a mild state of denial.  I feel mixed emotions of happiness, relief, sadness, excitement—and I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t just a little terrified too.  In just a few days I will be receiving my diploma and then pretty much be considered part of the “real world” as soon as I step off the other side of the stage at commencement. 

So what are some last few lessons learned that I would like to pass on?
For both those about to graduate and those who will be returning to campus for yet another semester, I highly encourage you to finish your classes strong.  While it may not apply for all jobs, the most competitive employers tend to factor in your academic record, among other things, when considering you for a position.  One bad final semester could impact how a company’s human resources department interprets your other strong semesters. 

My advice to those graduating either this semester or in the spring is to network, network, network.  Keep in touch with as many people as you can as regularly as you can; you might get surprised with what opportunities can pop up. 
I’ve definitely been able to reap rewards from just forcing myself out of my comfort zone and reaching out to more established individuals who work in my field of interest as well as former professors, who are usually more than willing to look out for their current and past students; however, don’t let people guilt trip you into exchanging contact information if you feel a bad vibe.  I’ve learned the hard way that not everyone has your best interests at heart.

To those who still have some time left in college, remember that this is your time.  College is a place where you can still make some mistakes and to get involved in as much as you can. 

Remember to prepare ahead for things like traveling or studying abroad, and don’t forget that it’s never too early to start a job hunt!
Lastly, I just want to say that it’s been a pleasure writing for HC, and I definitely wish I had known about it sooner so I could have written for longer.  I'll still be blogging though, so feel free to visit me at http://cuttingedgecreativity.wordpress.com/.  (Writing for Her Campus actually inspired this blog.)  It has mostly movie reviews at the moment, but I will be writing on a wider range of topics since I’ll have more time after graduation.  Whether or not we meet again on my personal blog though, I just want to thank all those who have been following my posts here.
I wish you all luck and success for your future endeavors, whatever they may be.  So long and happy finals week!

(Photography by Julia McLaughlin)

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