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There seems to be an app for just about anything these days. Whether you’re looking for something to help you organize your life, or a new way to socialize with friends there’s an app for it. Putting aside the popular social networking sites, I’ve compiled a list of 10 helpful apps for college students that may not be on everyone’s iPhone dock.

Make Life Easier

  1. Google: It sounds like a no-brainer, but the iPhone does not come equipped with this fine search engine. Instead, we’re given Safari, which does not even compare to to the beauty of Google. And it’s free.
  2. Mint: We all know how hard it is to manage our money as college students. Most of the time we have no idea where all of it is going. With Mint you can manage your money in a simple, organized way that is always at your fingertips. It allows you to view all of your accounts and create categories for your transactions (ex: coffee, alcohol/bars, clothing, etc). Don’t worry about breaking the bank with this app, because it’s free of charge.
  3. iHomework: If you’re a procrastinator and a little bit unorganized, you may want to look into this app. You can keep track of all of your assignments, classes, teachers and schedules and also set alarms for upcoming deadlines. You may never pull an all-nighter again! If you’re in need of some organization, you might want to splurge on this app, which costs $1.99.
  4. MyFitnessPal: Keep track of your calorie intake and log your exercises to maintain a healthy lifestyle with this app. There’s even a barcode scanner to help you find brands of food you are looking for and you can even add friends and support each other. The app is free.
  5. Shazam: Ever hear a song in a store or on the radio that you fall in love with but don’t know what it’s called? The Shazam app can tell you with just a touch of a button and even give you direct access to itunes to buy the song. Music can be saved as “tags” so you can go back later and decide if you want to buy the song or not. This app is free.
  6. MotionX Sleep: With this app, you can monitor your sleep patterns and figure out if you’re getting enough sleep each night (your phone must be placed under your pillow for the app to work). There’s also a built-in pedometer as well as an alarm so you don’t oversleep. Manage your sleep patterns with the small price of $0.99.
  7. Evernote: Take notes, pictures, or even record lectures with this app. It also syncs with all of your other devices so everything is connected without having to bother emailing yourself. This app is free.
  8. Readability: It’s a pain reading lengthy articles online while using your phone. With the Readability app you can view an article without all of the extra junk on the page. The account is completely free and all articles can be saved and viewed on the internet on any device. There are also options to change the font to make it easier on your eyes. This app is free.
  9. 8tracks: Are you ever in such an odd music mood you can’t even figure what to listen to? This is when 8tracks works wonders. Choose different moods, genres, and basically just words and slap them together for endless playlist options (example: dubstep, study, happy). Playlists that others have created appear and you are free to choose what you want to listen to and even favorite playlists to listen to later. This app is perfect for workout motivation or study relaxation and it’s absolutely free.
  10.  TED: In need of some inspirational words? TED has thousands of inspirational videos from different fields and they can be bookmarked for later use if you find some favorites. Free motivation and inspiration at your fingertips.

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