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Chris Sakyi

Name: Chris Sakyi

Year: Senior

Major: Communication

Hometown: Lanham, MD

Relationship Status: Single

Campus Activities: RA, President of Phi Beta Sigma, club basketball member

Things you can’t live without: my phone & my mom

3 words to describe yourself: funny, outgoing, caring

What are your turn-offs in a female?: needy, females that can’t put themselves together (overall appearance), females who act like they don’t have any money (e.g doesn’t offer to pay for their half of the bill)

What are your turn-ons in a female?: assertive, goal-oriented, funny

What are you looking for a girlfriend?: smart, funny, attractive, independent, has to be adaptable

Favorite foods: jelof rice, burgers and fries

Favorite movie: Love and Basketball

Favorite color: red

Favorite body part on a female: lips

What do you plan to do after graduation?: I plan go to graduate school and get my Masters in Communications. Afterwards, I want to work in Marketing and specialize in sports

If you could have one wish granted to you, what would it be?: I wish I could wake up every morning and see $10,000

Favorite moment at UMD: I remember my freshman year at UMD, I sang at Juke Joint. Now whenever Juke Joint occurs, people ask me when I’m going to do it again, so I might do it again my senior year.

Have you done anything silly to impress a girl?: My freshman year at UMD, I took AASP200 and a girl in my class with business attire on and I was intimidated by her. When we had to partner up for an activity in class, I asked her if we could be partners, but she asked me why we should be partners. So, I stood up in front of the class and gave a speech about why we should be partners.


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