Catch up with Molly Glime: President of Kappa Delta Sorority

Kappa Delta continues to play a major role in shaping the person junior psychology major Molly Glime is.

As president of the sorority, Glime is the face of Kappa Delta, but her role goes way beyond just that. She is responsible for all its members, everything they do and anything that happens to the chapter. She has a reputation to uphold and numerous expectations to meet. It takes a certain kind of person, A.K.A. someone who is AWESOME, to take on this huge position and all that it entails.

Q: How would you describe the women in KD?

A: A KD woman is someone who strives for success in all aspects of her college career and beyond. She does not look a certain way or talk a certain way, but she does exude a certain type of confidence that can't help but boost the confidence of those around her. Getting to attend convention this past summer, I was able to see that our chapter was just a small part of a larger organization full of many different, yet equally amazing Kappa Delta women.

Q: What has been the most rewarding experience as president?

A: The most rewarding experience has been getting to work with other chapter presidents on our campus to make change not just within our own chapter but in the entire Maryland Greek Community. Getting to take a leadership class with all of the chapter presidents at Maryland not only improved my leadership but also gave me some of my best friends.

Q: What does this position mean to you and how has it helped you grow as an individual? 

A: Chapter president has most definitely been the most transformative leadership experience that I've had and it means the world to me. It has helped me better develop my communication skills, my friendships within our chapter and continues to reaffirm my love for KD every day.

Q: How will being president of a sorority help you after college?

A: The network of amazing Kappa Delta women in the workforce is huge and I'm excited upon graduation to get to meet some of these amazing alumni. Being president, I've already gotten to meet Kappa Deltas who are now entrepreneurs, lawyers and CEOs.

Q: What was your biggest struggle?

A: My biggest struggle was finding time to recharge after a long day of school and KD obligations. I wanted to be available to everyone whenever they needed me but sometimes I wish I would've taken the day to binge watch something on Netflix.

Q: Describe KD in five words.

A: Confidence, sisterhood, loyalty, transformative and this isn't one word but I can't imagine my college experience without it.