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Campus Cutie: Vanessa Li ’18

Vanessa LiMajor: JournalismYear: SophomoreZodiac Sign: AquariusRelationship Status: Single

Why did you choose your major? I want to be able to capture and tell stories.

Favorite music artist? Jamiroquai

Favorite book? The Harry Potter Series

Tell me something awesome about you! I speak five languages: English, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, and Spanish!

What’s your ideal date? I’d like to check out a jazz bar and maybe hit up a karaoke bar!

What’s one thing you look for in a guy? Mostly just kindness.

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? Tokyo. It’s such a perfect mix of traditional culture and modern pop culture.

What’s one article of clothing you couldn’t live without? Cardigans

What’s your favorite accessory? Snapbacks

Do you have any lucky charms? My pink crystal bracelet.

What song do you sing most in the shower? Just random remixes of random songs that come to my mind.

What’s your biggest turn off? I hate when arrogant people talk incessantly about their lives.

Any random hobbies? I like to mix random fruits and invent new smoothies.

Okay, I’ve gotta know, what’s your favorite smoothie blend? Strawberry with Oreo Ice Cream!

Biggest pet peeve? I hate loud chewing.

What are you involved with on campus? I write for the Diamondback.

What is your favorite part of going to UMD? I like our proximity to Washington, D.C.

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