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Break Your Daily Meal Routine – Check Out The Local College Park Farmers’ Market!

Tired of eating the same thing every day? Do you not have enough gas money to drive back and
forth to the grocery store? Have you had enough diner food?

Why not check out the local farmers’ market? On Sundays from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the City Hall
parking lot at 4500 Knox Road you can find fresh grown vegetables, fruit, dairy products and
even homemade ice cream!

Senior accounting and operations management major, Duncan Hawvermale, is a cook and server
at the farmers’ market. He said that sometimes customers choose to buy food here because it can
be a healthier option. Unlike food in the grocery stores, they do not use preservatives.
“The food is picked fresh and cooked the day of,” Hawvermale said.

Senior government and politics major, Alyse Hopkins, would agree. “I love the concept of fresh
fruits and vegetables and it’s so convenient to walk up the street rather than drive to the grocery
store,” Hopkins said. “The prices are fair, and my roommates and I try to eat healthy so we love

Hawvermale and Hopkins both said that most students that go to the farmers’ market are students
that live off campus or students who live in Commons. But that shouldn’t deter students who live
on campus from stopping by. The farmers’ market is an opportunity to expand your dining
options past the diner food and past the restaurants on Route 1.

Shape magazine interviewed Top Chef star, Curtis Stone, about suggestions for farmers’ market
customers. “The most important thing is to experiment” Stone told Shape. “Try new things each

Bill Coleman, or better known as “Backyard Bill,” is one of the suppliers at the market every
Sunday. This is his tenth year in the barbeque business, but only his second year at the newly
established farmers’ market in the City Hall parking lot. His reputation has grown fast, and so
has his number of customers.

“I like seeing the people. I have fun.” Backyard Bill said. “It’s nice to give back to the

Backyard Bill offers a box in which you can choose one meat or fish (brisket, pork, salmon or
chicken) and two sides (collard greens, macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, potato salad, green
beans, baked beans or corn). The barbeque items seem to be the most popular, especially the
salmon and macaroni and cheese.

“Students line up for Bill’s barbeque,” Hawvermale said.

However, you may want to head down to the market first thing in the morning. Hawvermale said
that sometimes the food can run out. “Since these aren’t stores, they can’t store food away and
can only bring the food that they are able to transport,” Hawvermale said.

Also, don’t forget to bring cash! “I know it’s a small business, but I wish I could use a debit card
because I rarely carry cash,” Hopkins said.

For those of you that have a sweet tooth, don’t worry. There are other local vendors that come
and sell desserts such as cupcakes and pies. “And the ice cream is absolutely amazing!” Hopkins

For more information, you can check out “Bill’s Backyard BBQ” on Facebook.

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