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The Best and Worst Places to Study on Campus

When trying to find the perfect place to study, it may seem like every quiet spot has already been found and occupied by someone else. While UMD is definitely filled by thousands of studying students, there are particularly a few places that students should avoid if they want to study without being surrounded by noisy snackers or gossipers. Today, we’re offering you a list of these rowdy locations and suggesting a few alternate studying spots to help you conquer your next exam.  

DO NOT, under any circumstances, choose to study on the first or second floor of McKeldin library at night. The first floor is most often overflowing with students and the second floor can be incredibly loud…well depending on the day and time of day. During the early afternoon, you could probably get in a bit of quiet studying on the first floor, but once the sun sets, hyperactivity breaks lose.

DO study on any of the other floors in McKeldin, meaning, the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, or even the seventh floor if you want to be secluded with complete silence. However, if you arrive at the library too late at night, you may find that all of your favorite spots are taken. So try to get there as early in the evening as you can!

DO NOT try to study when lying outside on the Mall. The Mall or really any outdoor location is probably the worst place to study because it is almost impossible to avoid distractions outside, especially when the weather is on point. 

DO find a study spot in the Art Sociology building. Not only is the building itself a nice change of scenery, but the environment is also a quiet and peaceful place to focus on your work without any strong distractions. 

DO NOT try to study at Starbucks! Starbucks is not only loud and busy, but the environment is definitely not a place to avoid distractions. It does not have a peaceful or diligent feel as many might imagine. Instead, it offers you overpriced coffees that you can inexpensively make at home and an afternoon wherein a very little amount studying is accomplished. 

DO try to find a nice café like Vigilante in Hyattsville or a simple secluded coffee shop. In this environment, you won’t be bothered by students you might have bump into at Starbucks because you’ll have found an undiscovered environment where not many students come to study. Order a hot cup of Joe and open your textbook at Vigilante, for in this quiet spot, you can sit for hours, undisturbed and at peace in a tranquil atmosphere. 

 DO NOT study in a dorm lounge. These are often filled with students not actually interested in studying, but rather hoping to socialize. Most students know that study lounges are another term for a place to simply hang out and relax. You do not want to attempt to study in a location filled with students who are talking and taking a break from their studying. 

 Do study in an empty classroom on campus in just about any academic building. During the day and most nights, classrooms in buildings are unlocked and ready to occupy serious students who want to be completely secluded and undisturbed. Try it out and see if studying alone in a classroom can work for you, as some students don’t adjust well in such a closed-off environment. 

 If you need your peace and quiet when you study, take our advice on where you should and should not be studying. However, if you’re someone who works best around other people, then this advice may not be best for you! When it comes down to it, simply choose a spot that personally works best for you. And finally, happy studying to all! 




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