Back Home Baller

Coming home for Thanksgiving break is always an exciting time for college students. It’s the first break we have had since Labor Day the first week of school and for many it might be the first time going home since they moved in. There are many ups and downs that come with going home including seeing your friends but also seeing your family. Check out some of the reasons why going home for Thanksgiving Break is actually an awesome experience!

  1. Real Food: Everyone knows the food at the Diner is not all its cracked up to be and living in an apartment means cooking for yourself which might be even worse. The great part about going home is plenty of home cooked meals. On top of all the leftovers you’ll get from actual Thanksgiving dinner, your family will be so happy that you’re home they will offer to cook for you 24/7. All you can eat, all the time!
  2. Getting Reunited with your Pets The best part about going home is getting to cuddle with your dog or cat. Although campus does a pretty good job of providing cute and lovable animals around campus, it definitely does not compare to getting licked or jumped on by your own dog when you walk through the door.
  3. Seeing Friends Of course going home means getting to see all your high school friends that you’ve been missing. This might be the first time you’ve seen them since you left for school and so Thanksgiving is the perfect time to catch up on all the stuff they’ve done since you last saw them. This is also a very interesting time because you can see whether your friends have changed since high school. This can be good or bad but it is a good way to see whether your friendship can with stand the major changes that come with going to college..
  4. Seeing Family Yes, most people dred having to see their families for Thanksgiving. However, being in college you should start to realize that your family is very important and you should take advantage of the small amounts of time you have with them. Seeing your family is a great way to get a reality check and possible realize that you need to get your life together and stop procrastinating all the time. After all, they are the ones that want to see you succeed more than anyone.
  5. Time to Relax. Although this break is short, it’s a nice time to de-stress and just relax with people and places that are familiar to you. After this break there is a short amount of time until finals when everything gets very hectic and so it is important to take this time for yourself to regroup after a long 3 months of constant classes and work. Coming home is a great way to separate your two worlds and Thanksgiving is a nice amount of time to take a break from one world but not forget it completely.

So get excited for the break and seeing everything you’ve been missing from your home. Everyone is probably more excited that you’re home than you are and so make your friends and family feel appreciated. Take advantage of how much your family and friends have missed you and sit back, relax, and enjoy the turkey!