Anngie Morales: Nail Guru

Name: Anngie Morales

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism

Passion: Nails

Instagram: @_anngiepm

Q: Tell me about your nail salon experience - who is your nail technician/how did you find them, what happens when you go, why do you like getting your nails done?

My current nail technician is a girl named Elizabeth. She actually owns the business and works from the comfort of her home. I saw her nail pictures on the “Explore” page of Instagram and was captivated by both her shaping and the colors of the nails. I eventually found out it was her own custom color called “Elizabeth Pink.” I made an appointment on her website, which at the time was very easy to attain. Now you have to wake up at 10 a.m. in order to get an appointment because her work has progressed so much and she’s received much more attention.

I had never got squared nails a day in my life until I went to her, and I instantly fell in love with the shape. It was so perfect. When I go to her, I feel like I’m at home. She’s a perfectionist, so she takes a while to do your nails, but the outcome is GREAT. I love getting my nails done because it makes me feel like a confident woman. I just feel poppin’ -- my nails literally express me. I always receive compliments, but overall, it’s just a better look to me. It makes me feel elegant.  

Q: How often do you get your nails done? What do you ask for? What inspires your color/design?

I typically get my nails done every three weeks or even a month; it really depends on how my nails are looking like. I always get long nails. I hate short nails. When I first started getting my nails done, I used to go with solid neutral colors. It was very classy and elegant until I met my current nail tech. Something about her made me actually want to go a different route on my nails. I ended up getting all glitter on my nails and one of them bedazzled with silver jewels. People LOVED it. She loved it so much she it made it the picture on her business card. I think I just come up with ideas in my head. I’ll look at current nail trends but add my own twist to it.

Q: If you had to choose your top five colors/designs, what would they be? Why?

  1. Marble - I love marble because it just looks so nice. White and black marble is my favorite.

  2. Ombre - I love ombre! I got an ombre of black and grey, which was nice, but then I did a combination of neon yellow with nude which glowed in the dark and fell in LOVE.

  3. Glitter - Glitter is great. It’s so sparkly and just catches your attention. I always put flash over it just to see the specs of glitter in detail.

  4. White - I have a love/hate relationship with the color. It’s such a classy and boujee color, but it will not last you more then one week before it looks dirty! I’ll still get it though.

  5. Neon Yellow - This color just stands out. Especially in the summer. If you combine it with long and squared -- just amazing.

Q: When you do not have acrylics, how are your nails? Have you had any nail problems? Do you paint them yourself or have a nail care routine?

Currently, I actually have gel nails on! This is the first time in three years I haven’t had my fake nails. The reason for that was because I started lifting, and I was told I couldn’t have a good grip with them. Dedicated to this lifestyle change, I took them off, which honestly was a hard thing for me to do. I eventually learned I actually could lift just fine with my fake nails, so I plan on going back to them soon! From my current state, my nails are very healthy. I got a gel manicure, and my nail tech said I had nice nails and shape. They’re pretty long, and most people think they’re fake nails but just short. I don’t do anything personally for my nails. I typically pay someone to do all that.

Q: What is your favorite brand of nail polish? Why?

I don’t necessarily have one. I don’t even really know which one my tech uses. As long as it’s a gel polish, I’m fine with it. I ask for gel because it lasts longer and usually doesn’t chip.

Q: Which nail trends do you want to try? Ones you do not?

A nail trend I want to try is a clear nail powder with moving objects inside of it. I have no idea what the actual name for it is, but it looks like those cups that have something just floating inside of it. It’s not really in the cup though. One thing that I don’t ever think I will try are nail accessories -- they are things hanging off your nails. It just looks atrocious and unappealing.

Q: What is your go-to nail color/design? Why?

I actually don’t have one. I never repeat the same color or style. Only white, but that was twice and it’s a seasonal thing as well. I would say I pick the best color to match a particular season.

Q: Share a nail salon/manicure tip you have learned that you think others may not know.

MAKE SURE YOUR NAIL TECH IS CLEAN! Make sure they clean off all the products they use with actual nail cleaning liquids. Some nail salons only dump their tools in water, and that is nasty. This can lead to bacteria, which leads up to fungi. Sanitation is essential in the nail process, maybe the most important.