7 TV Shows to Watch This Fall

As the fall season kicks off, so do our favorite TV shows. Recurring and new shows are finding their way back to the screen, making life a tad bit better. Here’s a list of shows you should tune into during the week!

Jane the Virgin (CW)

The comedic telenovela “Jane the Virgin” premieres Oct. 17, and you should be jumping out of your seat. Somehow, the plot line surrounding this show never fails to disappoint or underwhelm. Without using graphic language, the show knows how to pull you in and grab your interest.

On the finale of season 2, Jane and Michael were preparing to tie the knot until Michael unexpectedly learns that his partner, Susanna, is actually Rose aka Sin Rostro. Upon this realization, Rose opens fire and shoots Michael. Yes… real tears. There are a thousand theories predicting what happens next but we will just have to wait and see.

This is Us (NBC)

“This Is Us” chronicles the life of five people, each facing their own battle. Rebecca, Mandy Moore, and Jack, Milo Ventimiglia, are preparing to be parents as Rebecca awaits the arrival of triplets. Justin Hartley stars as Kevin, an actor dissatisfied with where his career is headed, while his sister, Kate, Chrissy Metz, struggles with losing weight. Sterling K. Brown plays Randall, a husband and father of two, who finally meets his estranged father in his adult life.

During the season premiere in a sudden plot twist, it’s revealed that Rebecca and Jack are the parents of Kevin and Kate, who are twins, and adopted Randall. Shocker! But there’s more. It turns out Rebecca’s and Jack’s story is set in the past, while their kids—Kevin, Kate and Randall, unfold in the present.

The Good Place (NBC)

A new comedy launched by NBC, “The Good Place” centers around Eleanor, Kristen Bell, who’s struck by lightning, dies and goes to “the good place,” which is where good people go after they die. Eleanor realizes that there’s a mistake because she did not live an admirable life. Throughout her time in the good place, she tries to repent amid fighting her inherent desire to misbehave.   

Pitch (FOX)

“Pitch” is about Ginny, played by Kylie Bunbury, who becomes the first woman to play Major League Baseball. Ginny is a pitcher who’s known for her signature pitch, the screwball. With guidance from her father growing up, Ginny became a skillful player but doubts herself once she makes it to the Major Leagues on a team full of men.

MacGyver (CBS)

“MacGyver” used to be a show back in the ’80 s and ‘90s and it is making a return. Airing on CBS, “MacGyver” is about secret agent Angus MacGyver, Lucas Till, who helps solves problems for a government agency. He uses his agility, cleverness and intelligence to fix issues. If you want to see action and superhero behavior, tune into “MacGyver.”

Lethal Weapon (FOX)

A show inspired by the film series “Lethal Weapon,” this fall show is about two cops working together as a team. Roger, Damon Wayans, and Martin, Clayne Crawford, are completely different. Roger is a low-key detective, while Martin is a little irrational, making them a polar opposite duo. Amid their conflicting personalities, they have to learn to agree on one thing—fighting crime.

Designated Survivor (ABC)

In a sudden terror attack killing the president of the United States, Tom Kirkman, Kiefer Sutherland, assumes the role of president. Still overcoming the shock of his new position, Tom struggles to assimilate to the change of pace and impending challenges.

This show could definitely be reminiscent of 24, a series in which Sutherland played Jack Bauer, a counterterrorism agent. But in “Designated Survivor,” Southerland isn’t trying to physically fight terrorists, he’s trying to protect his country as a president.