7 Essentials to Get You Through the Spring

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Give your bookbag a break, and hit refresh with a roomy Vera Bradley Ella tote. The poly twill fabric is water-repellant and feels sophisticated with its leather accents and untraditional prints.

While you’re at, Vera’s signature zip ID cases are a must for keeping track of your student id. 


Did you spend too much time in your swimsuit over spring break and contract an unwanted UTI? AZO Cranberry gummies have you covered now and into the future. Just two gummies, which are made with clinically-proven Pacran1 ® and equal a 10 ounce glass of cranberry juice, 1, help flush the urinary tract.  Seriously, a must.


Sometimes in the case of a fashion emergency, it’s important to have a multi-use tool on hand to get you through the crisis. Enter Brappz.


Brappz- a fun new “Strap” that slips into place with a multi-functional, or strapless bra, with swimwear, a funky tank top or any shoulder - exposing top! Attach Brappz with the two way detachable hooks and use the holes provided to adjust the length, or they can be used as shoelaces and even jewelry!

4. Owe a friend from your night out or still trying to divvy up the bar tab?  Circle Pay makes it easy to collect and send money from your email and phone contacts securely and with no fees attached! Sending money internationally? No problem—the app uses bitcoins to easily convert money with no extra charges for you.  It’s a social payment app, so you can also share photos and gifs about the transactions taking place too! 


Your night out is not complete without some stunning makeup. Turn heads with Milani eyeliner in fabulous shades of turquoise, purple, and sparkling black.  The fine felt tip makes it easy to apply a precise line. And the waterproof formula means it won’t budge until you swipe it off with eye makeup remover.

6. Has your hair been feeling a little flat?  TRESemme’s pre-wash conditioner is the ultimate way to keep your hair looking fabulous. It reinforces the hair’s natural protective layer using the Fiber Polishing technology when you use it before you shampoo.


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