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7 Carefree Black Boys to Celebrate This Black History Month

Black History Month hasn’t just kicked off with a bang this year you guys; it’s launching some major fireworks. Beyonce is having twins, Cash Money is reunited and Viola Davis is definitely taking home that Oscar this year. A moment of silence for all that is Black American gloriousness…


NOW, for decades Black Americans have been slowly but surely shattering stereotypes, and dismantling all types of falsehoods for the betterment of minority communities. But in recent developments, carefree black boys have come to the plate and completely swept us away in breaking down common ideas about the black, male reputation.    

Here are seven black brothers in entertainment totally ignoring whatever is “in” these days, and encouraging black boys and girls alike to do the same.


7. A$AP Rocky

For one, the dude is a self-proclaimed “fashion killa.” He backs that up time and time again with his eclectic wardrobe choices and seriously amazing signature braided hairstyle. Black women everywhere used to wear our hair like this when we were like 11 years old,  and somehow, he made that cool. What’s more, Rocky is no stranger to grinning cheek to cheek. And in a time when guys are constantly discouraging themselves from smiling, embracing some #blackboyjoy sure means a lot.

6. D’ Angelo

Yo, D’Angelo used to be one of the biggest sex symbols of the early 2000s. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google his “Untitled (How Does it Feel)” music video. It’s…risque to say the least. But some time in his near 20-year hiatus from music, he toned down the macho and gave people the chance to praise him for his vocals, not his body. These days, he’s got a new style: one that includes fancy hats and cool, cape thingys. No, for real. Check out this clip


5. William Hill, “This is Us”

Yes, I know he’s a fictional character, but he is a really awesome fictional character! Played by Ron Cephas Jones, William is the terminally ill, biological father of main character Randall, who was put up for adoption 36 years ago. While William’s days on Earth are coming to an end, the guy is choosing to go out in style. When he’s happy, he is happy. When he’s weak, he is weak. A man unafraid to express his emotions is definitely something we can get behind. Plus, he plays the piano and loves poetry. Dude, yeeeeeeees.


4. Jesse Williams

Okay, when we think of carefree black boys, we usually think of dreadlocks, floral prints and definite hippie vibes. Jesse Williams on the other hand encompasses none of those things, but who else have we ever seen turn a BET Humanitarian award acceptance speech into the most lit Black Lives Matter rally of all time? You have to be completely 100 percent Free. Of. Cares in order to pull a savage stunt like that, ya’ll.

3. Pharrell

Well, there’s this:


And this:

And may we never forget this:


*Drops mic*


2. Jaden Smith

We can’t technically call him the OG carefree black boy, but we can say he’s the primary image behind the movement’s millennial resurgence. Whether he is explaining the cycle of creativity, tweeting about newborn baby intelligence or wearing dresses to Coachella, this guy is constantly challenging the world as we know it while going with the flow.


1. Lenny Kravitz

If Jaden is the prince, then Lenny is the KING. No one does it like Lenny does it. He is easily one of the coolest people ever to be born, and he doesn’t even have to try. Given his 25 plus years in the industry, I think it is safe to say the legendary musician has done some pretty big things while carrying that carefree black boy crown around. I mean, he can shut the house down one rock concert at a time, then turn around and act alongside Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games.” Now there is a guy going where the wind takes him.


Much love to all these men during Black History Month, and to ALL black boys setting their own trends, rather than those of the status quo. We salute you!


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