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6 Ways to De-stress Yo’self During Exams

Finals can be a crazy and overwhelming time. Most of the time, all you want to do is just pack up and just get into summer. But finals are the last push, and you’ll feel even better once you get through the stress. Here are some tips to help de-stress

1. Exercise 

Ugh, more work? While you may be exhausted from cramming all night long, exercise helps de-stress by releasing endorphins and leave you feeling calmer and less tired. Even a simple walk can go a long way to boosting your focus!

2. Having a dance party

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy, you know that Meredith Grey’s go-to to get away from a hectic and horrible day is a dance party. Your dance party doesn’t even need to be very long -just the duration of one song! Just hit play on your favorite jam and like Taylor Swift said, “shake it off”.

3. Paint your nails 

Painting your nails can help you de-stress by making you focus on something other than your work- pretty colors! Choose pastels to help calm you down, or bold colors to help you feel fierce! And if you get stressed out again, just look down at your nails and feel the color therapy work.

4. Take a TV break!

Yup, you read right! But not for too long. The key word here is break. You really shouldn’t binge watch anything during finals. Watching a good show will also help you focus on something else and give your brain a break from working so hard. But just make sure it’s just one show, no matter how good the cliff hanger is for the next episode.

5. Fit some time in to sleep

Getting enough sleep will help your brain process and do things better. If you’re ever up really late and getting frustrated because you’re not able to memorize or understand something, just stop and sleep.  The frustration (and lack of understanding) is probably your body’s way of telling you it needs to sleep and refresh itself. Plus it’s likely that you won’t actually understand what you’re trying to learn because you’re frustrated with yourself. Pushing yourself will just make you more tired. Don’t give up, just try again after you get some shut eye.

6. Make a study schedule!

Knowing what you’re going to do and when really can help relieve stress. When you make a study schedule, or a do to list, you use up energy trying to remember what you have to do. Knowing what you have to do also helps you realize where you need to spend more time studying, and helps you realize how much you’ve done. This way you won’t feel like you didn’t study enough – you’ll know exactly how much and feel very accomplished doing it! Remember to add breaks!

Fashion and style are the epitomy of Revathi Janaswamy's life. Magazines like Seventeen and Teen Vogue, and sites like Pintrest and HerCampus are her bible. A freshman journalism major at the University of Maryland, she is so excited to write for UMD's Her Campus chapter. Hobbies include dancing, singing, reading and watching TV/movies. 
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