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The 6 Most Haunted Places at UMD

UMD is known for its beautiful campus, lively social scene, and challenging academics. However, you might not know that many of the buildings on campus are said to be haunted. The University of Maryland was built in 1856 and has a rich and haunting history to be told. Here are the six most haunted places on campus!

1. The Rossborough Inn

The Rossborough Inn is the oldest building in College Park! It was built in 1812 and was part of the original property Charles Benedict Calvert gave to the Maryland Agricultural College in 1858. The most famous ghost is known as Miss Bettie, the woman who managed the Inn during the Civil War. She has been seen walking the halls in a long yellow gown. Vases of flowers appearing, doors opening, and lights flickering on and off have scared visitors and employees alike. It is said that she may be the cause of these strange occurrences. A Maryland paranormal research team even recorded sounds of a woman’s voice. If you hang around too long, you might just see Miss Bettie’s face staring back at you in a mirror.

2. Hornbake Library

If you thought studying for finals was scary, imagine if a ghost was looming over your shoulder while you did it! Some of university archivists report hearing her heels tapping on the linoleum floor. One archivist reports working after Hornbake had closed and seeing a woman in a dark dress turn a corner quickly out of sight. She apparently is a noisy ghost, causing creaky wooden door sounds, paper shuffling, and even the sound of shifting boxes. If you need to study at Hornbake, make sure you don’t stay out too late.

3. McNamee Cemetery

Ever wonder why there’s a cemetery on campus? Well, it houses what is said to be the remains of the McNamee family, although no one is really sure exactly who is under the bricked plot.  The family leased the property to the university for education purposes. Some records indicate Albert McNamee, a four-year-old child who died in a barn fire at the family’s home, is buried there. While there have been no reports of paranormal activity, it’s a spooky spot nonetheless.

4. Easton Hall

If you live in this building in the Denton Community, you might want to watch out for a ghost with a tragic story. In 1991, a student apparently committed suicide by jumping from the 8th floor. His ghost has been known to frequently roam the top levels of the building. Some students have reported flashing lights, lightbulbs shattering, and footsteps in empty halls. Residents beware; there might be a floormate you just haven’t met yet.

5. Morrill Hall 

Morrill Hall was built in 1898 and is the oldest building on campus. It has been said that workers found human remains under a sink while renovating it. Some staff have heard various sounds coming from the halls at night. Morrill Hall’s most paranormal attribute is the strange smell of burning and ashes it has. Morrill Hall was the only building to survive the Thanksgiving fire of 1912, which destroyed every other building on campus. If you’re brave enough, try to sniff it out for yourself.

6. Marie Mount Hall

This building itself is incredibly strangely built. The architecture is patchy, with the walls and ceilings converging with the old construction. It was formerly the Home Economics Building. They renamed it to honor Marie Mount, the dean of the College of Home Economics for three decades. Some campus employees claim to have seen her ghost in the halls. They have also reported hearing her play the piano on “stormy nights.” The portrait of Marie Mount is slightly unsettling, with her eyes seemingly following her visitors around the room. This ghostly matron isn’t one you’d want to ask a recipe from!

Don’t be afraid to explore this spots on campus if you’re looking for a Halloween scare. From macabre matrons to spooky smells, there’s something on campus waiting to haunt everyone. If haunted houses don’t get your heart racing, you might want to explore these frightening historical spots on the University of Maryland’s campus for yourself.

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