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5 Ways Your Wardrobe Changes After You Go to College

College is considered to be a time of incredible change. Freshmen year can often be a blur as a female collegiate adjusts to living in a new environment,  surrounded by people almost all the time and taking harder classes.

So, it’s no surprise that her wardrobe undergoes immense changes as well. Here are five ways your high school wardrobe changes after you go to college.

1. You now own “business casual” outfits.

Throughout four years of high school, there are very few instances that would require you to attend an event while dressed professionally in slacks and a blouse.

However, career and internship fairs are incredibly frequent in college. Even as a freshman, many students find it helpful to have at least one professional look waiting for them in their closet by the time they get to school. 

2. You prioritize comfort over style.

Depending upon what grade your high school journey began, you may or may not have found it very easy and even enjoyable to look your best for a full day of classes.

While many collegiate women still strive to make good impressions through their appearances, comfort is a much bigger deal now than it was in high school. Sweatshirts and athletic shorts quickly become your new best friends, especially after you pull your first all-nighter of the semester.

3. You have to dress for the weather.

For many, one of the perks of high school was that you could arrive at school via bus or car and sit inside during your seven-hour day of classes, so the weather had little effect on your outfit choices.

Now, whether you’re trekking across campus in blazing heat or a blizzard, your wardrobe will be much more practical with regards to the elements. Depending on the universities,college goers sing praises to their windbreakers, rain boots and heavy-duty winter jackets.

4. Your closet shrinks more than you’d expect.

Not only do the literal dimensions of your closet end up becoming much smaller in order to accommodate for you and your roommate, but many students find themselves rotating through the same outfits every week when they go to class, the gym or parties. Those who’ve completed freshmen year usually agree that if you didn’t wear a piece of clothing in high school, it’s unlikely that it will remain in your college wardrobe for long.

5. You own a ridiculous amount of school pride.

No matter how spirited your high school was, you probably can’t compare the number of t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. that you have now to rep your school to whatever you had back then.

Many colleges frequently give away merchandise for free anyway, so your collection will inevitably grow. Also, many students, especially those at schools where sports are very popular, will own customized shirts for tailgate events, which is so much better than what you wore to your high school’s football games.

Morgan is a University of Maryland freshman studying broadcast journalism and dance as a double major. She hails from Warren, New Jersey and has always enjoyed expressing herself creatively through dancing and writing. She is also a longtime reader of Her Campus. When she's not doing school work or writing, you can almost always find her waiting in the ridiculously long line outside of Chipotle, listening to Drake, or binge watching Netflix.
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