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5 Items You Need in Your Closet This Winter


With temperatures dropping and the holidays around the corner, there’s still time to add a few wardrobe must-haves to your Christmas list so you too can have the perfect winter look.

 Many girls are wearing faux fur and colorful fur, embellishments and embroidery, wool, fuzzy textures, feathers, and leather this season, according to savoirflair.com and Glamour.

Dominique Davis, a sophomore animal science major, said she needs a nice sweater to spruce up her wardrobe to keep her warm when walking to her classes on campus. Deena Rosenblatt, a freshman Letters and Sciences major, wants Lululemon leggings.

“I am obsessed with leggings. I don’t want to brand drop here, but Lululemon [leggings]; they’re the only ones that are good material, you [can] wear them seven times a week and they can go with a cute sweater, they can go with Uggs, they can go with boots, you can dress them up, you can dress them down, they’re great,” Rosenblatt said.

Although these items are these girls’ must-haves, Glamour created a list of winter fashion essentials. This list includes items such as skinny jeans, a nice button down, a tissue thin long sleeve t-shirt, and a printed scarf, just to name a few. In addition, Glamour gave some outfit inspiration ideas for the winter season.

Glamour Fashion’s outfit ideas included layering something soft over an edgy jacket; adding pops of white to a dark outfit; pairing denim, army green, and red; and wearing spring cuffed jeans with ankle boots.

So, what pieces should you include in your wardrobe to make sure you’re a trendsetter when strutting your stuff across campus? Be sure to check out the photos to find out!


1.     Beanies Baby! No matter if it’s simple or bold, a knit beanie is a fashionable way to keep your head warm this winter!

2.     Leather, leather, and more leather! Whether it’s a leather jacket, skirt, or leggings, be sure to include this material in your collection!

3.     Edgy Over-the-knee boots.  Many girls already have the typical riding boots, so why not spice it up with some more drastic over-the-knee boots.

4.     Wicked in Emerald Green. This was voted the color of 2013 by fashion experts so how could you not include this color in your closet? If you only want a pop of this color, try emerald green jewelry or simple accessories. But if you’re really looking to set the trend, add a splash of orchid to your wardrobe, as this is the Pantone color of 2014.

5.     Brightly Colored Coat to Boost Your Mood.  Tired of the same old North Face coat? Try something new by adding a bright pea coat to your closet to keep warm and stay fashionable this winter season! 

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