5 Gifs to Describe Being a Third Wheel

Being a third wheel can sometimes be a little uncomfortable.

A day that was supposed to be you and your best friend became you being the plus one. And tagging along on a date with her and her boyfriend was not exactly what you had in mind. Suddenly, plans you were looking forward to are now you praying for the day to be over, ASAP.

All of the lovey-dovey gestures and PDA are nice, but after a while, it can get to be a little much. Just a little.


And sometimes, it doesn’t have the best effects on our self-esteem. The world just doesn’t seem fair.

But then you realize that being single is awesome, and you’ll have that fairytale romance before you know it. So don’t let being a third wheel get you down– go out there and own that single lady status (and feel free to incorporate Beyoncé moves while you do it).