5 Face Masks Totally Worth Trying This Valentine's Day

It’s almost that time of year again; Valentine’s Day, also known as, lovers' or loners' day. Aisles are filled with red and pink. Decor is everywhere. People are buying cards, chocolates, flowers and teddy bears. But for some of us, V-Day isn’t the best holiday. It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

You can have a pamper day or night, especially since the semester just started. You deserve a break from reading syllabi and stressing about how you’re going to survive this spring. Here are five ways to love yourself (some more).

1. Face-to-Face

You don't need to worry about a date if you have a face mask. They are a must-have to improving the appearance of pores. From clay to sheet masks, DIY to store bought, there are plenty of options. Hydrate your face with western rose flower extract in Kocostar flower mask, or retexturize with Mediterranean rose clay, Canadian willow herb and exfoliating jojoba beads in Origins clay mask.

2. Can We Hold Hands?

Rough, overworked and dry hands and nails deserve love, too. But you don’t have to go to the salon, do some fancy V-Day nail art or even paint them red and pink (go all out if you want). Try  Le Mini Macaron hand mask that will have your hands feelin’ brand new with coconut oil, jasmine and green tea extracts. We can hold hands afterwards.

3. Sweep Me Off My Feet

Feet may be weird, but we can't neglect them. They keep us grounded, literally. Just like our hands, they need to be moisturized. You don't have to be a pro to slip on this pair of exfoliant socks. Splurge on Baby Foot to transform your feet with 16 kinds of natural extracts. Kick back and watch as it peels...a lot.

4. Kisses For All

Pucker up. No one to smooch? It's okay. At least your lips will be moisturized with chapstick. But that’s not enough for six more weeks of winter (Thanks, Phil's shadow). Time for this Sephora shea butter lip mask that will protect and repair. It’s important you exfoliate your lips so they can be poppin’ when you wear lipstick.

5. Love Is In The Hair

Whether you chopped off the negativity or not, here’s some positivity for your hair. You guessed it, the positivity is a hair mask. After all that product build-up and heat damage during the week or month, it can help replenish whether it’s too dry or oily. Use OGX to restore shine and softness while strengthening with Moroccan Argan Oil. Try Aztec Secrets to cleanse and detox impurities with bentonite clay (can be used for oily skin, too).