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5 Cute Ways to Wear Rainboots

The approach of the spring season right around the corner means the approach of the rainiest time of the year as well. As college students who walk to class, we are reminded of this through the fuss of sudden down pouring of rain that seems to go on for days and has no end. Then, we have to sit through class as the rainy weather leaves us cold, wet, and uncomfortable. For those who do not like to throw on their clunky rain boots, or have trouble coordinating an outfit with them, here are the top 5 ways to wear them:

1. The Comfortable

Leggings are great to wear with rain boots because they don’t bunch up at the top of the boot. A rainy day is also the perfect time to try out those wild patterned leggings. Pair the outfit with an oversized cardigan so that you can be cozy all day and add some leg warmers for extra style.

2. The Classic

For a more classic look, wear rain boots with skinny jeans and a trench coat or rain jacket. Skinny jeans aren’t as comfortable as leggings, but they bring more to the outfit while also not bunching up in the boot like other pants.

3. The Daring

If you are feeling particularly daring, try rain boots with a dress (if weather permits). Rain boots don’t have to be just for rain! By wearing a dress and showing off a bit more, you can also accessorize more with a belt or statement necklace.

4. The Colorful

Just because the sky looks drab doesn’t mean that you have to. Pick rain boots with a bright color and match it along while wearing shorts. Bring sunshine to the day long before Mother Nature does.

5. The College

The most common look on campus is what I like to call “The College”. Show your school pride by wearing leggings or jeans. Then, pair it with that “one-size-too-big” UMD sweatshirt that you never returned to that boy who lived down the hall on North Campus.

Finally, here are some helpful tips:- Wear boots with a solid color. It will be much easier to match an outfit when you don’t have to work around a pattern.- You don’t always have to “slum it.” Avoid your baggy sweatpants from high school and try to wear leggings instead. They are at the same level of comfort ability, yet      leggings look much better.- Don’t forget an umbrella!

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