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5 Of The Best Things About Spring Semester

1. Besties

One of the greatest things about spring semester is realizing how much you missed your favorite people. Winter break is so nice and always super necessary after a tough fall semester, but there is nothing better than reuniting with the people you spend every waking second with. For some strange reason, you feel closer to them and just want to cuddle and hang out even more than you already do. I guess distance does really make the heart grow fonder.

2. Recruitment/Rush

Another great thing about coming back from winter break is the possibility of going through recruitment. Granted, sororities are not for everyone; but it is a great opportunity to meet more people and to meet people who have similar interests as you. This is just another way to make a big campus feel smaller.

3. Spring Break

Ahh what a time! College spring break; something you have probably already heard about before you even came to college. Spring break is awesome because it comes at a perfect time. It is the halfway mark, and you probably are done with all your midterms, so it is a great break in the semester. Also, so many people go on vacation with friends to tropical places and then come back with nice, golden tans. Who doesn’t love being tan?!

4. Warm Weather

This is easily my favorite part about spring semester. Nothing is better than not having to wear your big, winter coat when you are walking to class. And going to class is a million times better when the sun is out and there is a slight breeze. Especially at Maryland, the mall seems to fill with hundreds of people who lay blankets out to do work or just hang with their friends and enjoy the weather.

5. Better Vibes

Overall, there is just something about spring semester that brings out good vibes. Everyone is more comfortable and Maryland really starts to feel like a home. There are no longer those nervous feelings, and you have made friends who you know are going to be with you for the rest of college.

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