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Flower and warm weather lovers, rejoice! No longer are we stuck in cold and gloomy weather. It seems as though springtime has come to UMD early this year.

Personally, I love spring and would consider it one of my favorite seasons. Why, you might ask? Well, here’s an entire list of the positives surrounding the months of March, April and May.

1. Wardrobe Flexibility

Sometimes we find ourselves wearing the same fluffy sweater or pair of sweatpants during the winter for sheer comfort and warmth. It isn’t about being cute necessarily, but rather bracing ourselves to face the cold as we walk across campus. However, in the spring, we can embrace our cute fashion fully in a variety of clothes. We can wear colorful and cheery rompers, shorts, dresses –the possibilities are endless!


I’m sorry for the enthusiasm, this one just makes me really happy. It is totally true that a lack of sunshine in the winter can keep you feeling bummed. Daylight Savings Time begins March 11, so brace yourself for longer hours of brightness and happiness! With more light, it is easier to make adventurous plans with your friends into the late evening and enjoy the weather to the fullest.

3. Everything is Beautiful

For the past few months, everything has seemed well…um… pretty gray. With no leaves or flowers, life can get pretty dull. For springtime in this area, the colors seem to explode and make everything on campus photo-worthy! Not to mention that the infamous Japanese cherry blossoms in D.C. are set to bloom early this year…so pretty!

4. Less Wackiness With The Weather

I think we can all agree that this winter was pretty bipolar. One day it was freezing and slushy, the next it was sunny and super windy. Fortunately, during the spring, the temperature and climate tend to be pretty mild and generally warm. You can pretty much gauge how the day is going to go from when you wake up, which is nice. Also, I really love the occasional spring shower. The rain isn’t really hot or cold, it is a refreshing lukewarm that gives off that really nice smell.

5. Rita’s… Enough Said

If you are a freshman like me, you may have heard of Rita’s or have one where you’re from. However, the hype here at UMD is pretty serious about the popular Italian Ice and Custard destination. Rita’s opened March 2, which means all you have to do is make your way down Baltimore Ave. for those sweet treats to power you through midterms and finals!

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