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5 Best Movies For Snow Days

The weather this winter hasn’t been too cold yet, but it is important to always be prepared for those snowy days you may choose to spend indoors. Finding the perfect movie is usually a pretty difficult task. So if sledding isn’t your thing, and you would much rather spend your day cuddling under your blanket, we’re here to help. Whether or not you typically watch classics, the movies listed below will make you feel warm on any cold, snowy day.  

1. Frozen

This may be the newest movie on the list, but it is definitely the first movie most people think of when it comes to winter films. This movie will leave you singing its songs for days, wanting to build snowmen and imagining your life as a winter-wonderland.


2.The Parent Trap

This is the ultimate home-y movie that will leave you smiling and reminiscing about the days when Lindsay Lohan starred in every movie ever.  You’ll probably miss your family while watching this one, but on those cold winter days, there is nothing better than feeling at home.


3. Dirty Dancing

This movie will have you dancing all night, maybe even outside in the snow.  “Dirty Dancing” is a movie that never ages, and the passion in this movie will definitely keep you hot during the cold winter.


4. Happy Feet

There is nothing more gratifying than watching happy penguins dance around in the snow. You will probably want to build a snowman right after watching it, or move to Antarctica to live with the penguins, but watching dancing penguins is definitely the way to go.


5. The Harry Potter series

The best time to watch this series is during the coldest winter days because each movie is filled with snow, magic and adventure. If you watch too many movies in the series, you might just turn into a wizard and move to Hogwarts.


Some people love the snow and look forward to sled rides and snowball fights. Others are genuine snowbirds, who hope to fly away during the coldest days of the year. For the large percentage of people who prefer the warm weather, this list of movies will hopefully solve all of your problems during the dreaded snowy winter. We understand you are stuck in school and can’t always avoid the snow, so stay safe, stay indoors and watch more movies!

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