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4 reasons why getting out of school late is a good thing

Most of your friends from home are having their last days of classes, but you’ve still got three weeks left at Maryland. Hearing about everyone else starting their vacations while you’re getting ready for finals can be a bit annoying at times. But ending classes later might actually be better than you think. Here are four reasons why you should be glad you’re not packing your bags just yet.


1. You get to experience warm weather for longer

UMD’s campus is gorgeous in the spring– the sun is out, the flowers are in bloom, and there is green everywhere you look. With temperatures warming up, it’s finally time to break out your cute sundresses and sandals. And there’s so much to do that you couldn’t in the winter: laying on McKeldin Mall, setting up a hammock or playing volleyball on the sand courts. If we got out of school earlier, we’d be missing out on the best time of year at the university.

2. There’s more time to figure out summer plans

As college students, we lead busy lives. Planning the summer ahead can be tough to do when we’re juggling papers, exams, extracurricular activities and social gatherings. More time on campus in the spring = more time to figure out what happens after school ends, which is very helpful, especially for those of us who procrastinate (which is basically everyone).

3. Your high school friends can visit you

You said you’d visit each other before you left for school, and it still hasn’t happened. College is jam-packed, and it’s hard to see friends at other schools when there’s always so much going on. But when other schools are out of session and you’re still on campus, it’s so much easier for friends to visit—and you don’t have to worry about traveling!

4. You get to spend more time with your best friends

It’s only been two semesters, but you’ve already found your college family– your best friends. While your news feed is flooded with goodbye statuses from people at other schools, you’ll be glad that you’re not leaving just yet. Because let’s face it: being more than a ten-minute walk away from all of your friends sounds torturous.


Enjoy the rest of your semester, and make the most of these last few weeks at your home away from home!

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