3 Of The Best Movies to Watch Over Winter Break

Winter break is a chance to relax and blow off steam after a long and hard semester of work. With finals quickly approaching, abandoning all responsibilities to curl up and watch a good movie sounds pretty good. Here is our list of great movies to watch on a lazy day this winter!

1. Love Actually

Curling up with this movie, some cookies and a giant mug of hot chocolate is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Each story line gives new insight into relationships, friendships and family. Although winter break is not all about the holidays, this movie is one of the best romantic comedies.

2. Great Gatsby

Excitement from the holidays doesn't have to stop on Christmas Day. Just a week later is New Year’s Eve. This movie is all about the party atmosphere. The glamorous costumes and care-free feeling is great for popping champagne and dancing through the night. And Leonardo DiCaprio is always an extra bonus.

3. Gone Girl

This engaging thriller will make your head spin. If you think your mind needs some exercise over break, this movie will definitely get you thinking. Not only is the acting incredible, but the storyline will leave you wishing there was a sequel.

Bake some cookies, pop some popcorn and make some hot chocolate. These movies are bound to keep you cozy and entertained for a couple days. making for the best lazy break ever!