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Every good friend wants to make their boyfriend or their best friend’s 21st birthday a night that they won’t remember forever, but many don’t know how to do it.

Here are a few ideas that will make your guy friend or your girl friend’s 21st birthday an amazing night.

For Him:

1) You could get a cooler and fill it with his favorite alcohol, the chasers to go with the alcohol, and his go to hangover foods. If you were feeling extra generous, you could paint the cooler.

2) If your best guy friend or your boyfriend loves beer, this beer cupcake tower would be perfect. Buy him a 30 pack of his favorite beer, make cupcakes to match, and use the box to cut out at 21 for the top. If you want to go above and beyond you could add a couple of mini alcohol bottles of their favorite liquor to the top.


3) If you want to give liquor as a gift, this is a fun idea for any guy best friend. All you need to buy is kabob sticks, mini bottles of liquor, a pack of plastic shot glasses, a few cigars, and a bucket or mug to put them in. Including the mini bottles and shot glasses makes it easy to start the party.

4) Another great idea is making your man cupcakes infused with his favorite alcohol, like Jack Daniels or Corona. It is a more creative and delicious way to get him drunk on his 21st!

5) Lastly, you can personalize a birthday flask for your guy friend. You can fill it with their favorite alcohol so that they can take it to the bar on their 21st!

For Her:

1) A great idea for you best friends 21st is to buy a cupcake tower and fill each layer with a different type of alcohol. The first layer could be beer, the second layer wine, and the third and fourth your best friends’ favorite liquor.

2) If you know that your best friend will have plenty of alcohol to enjoy on her 21st, you may want to help her out by making her an “oh sh*t kit” for the terrible hangover she will most likely have after her crazy 21st. You can fill it with advil, her favorite snacks, gum, Kleenex, water, gatorade, vitamin c, some alcohol in case she wants to keep going, and some other little treats to make her hangover a little less miserable.

3) You can also buy your best friend 21 mini bottles of liquor, kabob sticks, and a cute basket or bucket to arrange them in. If you want to make it more personal you can monogram the basket or write their name on it. It’s a very cute and easy way to make sure your bff gets her 21 shots in!

4) To make your best friend’s 21st birthday the most fun, you should make them a birthday list or a shot book. Both of these give them things to do throughout the night that are hilarious and will make their birthday unforgettable. This would also be a great thing to do with your other friends too!

5) If your best friends loves wine or champagne, a cute idea would be to order a custom label on etsy for their favorite bottle of wine. It will be a bottle they can keep long after their 21st and they will appreciate how thoughtful it is. You can customize it specifically for them.

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