2016 Election Night Recap

Yesterday was the day we had all been waiting for; the day when countless Americans rushed to the polls to do their part in determining the outcome of our country for the next four years.

Whether you were looking to “Make America Great Again” or be “Stronger Together,” everyone was awaiting the outcome of this epic election.

In order to win the presidential election, a candidate needs to get at least 270 electoral votes. Right off the bat, there were states that each candidate needed to win. According to CNN, Florida was a big deciding factor for both candidates, as well as Pennsylvania and Ohio. Donald J. Trump was able to gain support in almost all of the major states, including Iowa, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

Of the 14 total key race states, Clinton gained support in 3. In the end, Hillary’s only support came from the Northeast, in which she won every state, as well as the West Coast, although she won the popular vote by 0.1%. The entire mid-region of the country gave their support to Donald J. Trump, who won the election at the end of the night, with 289 electoral votes, well above Clinton’s 218, according to CNN.

According to CNN, republicans also gained control of the Congress, winning the Senate 51-47 and the House of Representatives 235-191. This will be an interesting factor in Trump’s presidency.

Usually, when the president and congress are from the same party, it is easier for them to get things done and pass legislation. However, many Republican politicians in this election did not give their support to Trump. Whether these politicians stick with their previous sentiments, or pledge allegiance to Trump now that he will be president, could change what he does for our country.

Whether this was the expected result of the election or not, it is safe to say that this will become a story to tell the grandchildren. Who you were with, where you were and how you felt about the 2016 election will become a common question people ask for years to come.

This election will also change the way many people think about the media’s role of influence, as well as the idea that only politicians can be president. Now that the election is over, all eyes in the US and abroad will be on Trump to see what he will do next. Everyone will be waiting and wondering just exactly how he plans to “Make America Great Again.”