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They always ask any girl they see “What sorority are you in?”

And if you aren’t in one… the next question usually goes something like: “Are you gonna rush?” or “Which ones do you like?….I can put in a good word for you.”  Their word really does not do much believe me

You can find majority of them with a Zelko bottle in one hand and some-brand-you-have-never-heard-of soda in another.

Don’t worry I’m sure when they ask you to take a shot it’s totally sanitary and wasn’t on the mouths of 50 other people

They treat their pledges with a lot of respect

And when non-frat guys try to come to their parties…

When frat boys get together that’s usually when the trouble starts

…But really how dumb can they get?

And why do they all dress like they just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad?

They have very high confidence

They never give up..ever

At least they’re persistent in something, right?

And when you tell them they’re jerks.

They’re really good listeners

“Sorry to hear that your boyfriend is out of town”

Going off of that, they’ll do just about anything for you to come back to the Chapter House with them.

“I know you’re only a Freshman but you seem really mature for your age.”

Our expectations of being surrounded by frat boys



When you ask them if they’re hooking up with another girl in your sorority

Can’t live with ‘emCan’t live without ‘em

All hail fraternity boys…ehem… men.


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