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14 Good Deeds You Can Do In Two Weeks

Do you believe in karma? If you do, then it is extremely important to you to help others and do something nice for them so that the world rewards you for your behavior. If you want to boost your good karma, you can do one of these good deeds every day for two weeks. You will feel better about yourself, and who knows maybe the world will reward you.

1)   Add Money to the Meter Right Before You Leave

Meters expire so easily in College Park, especially in the parking lot for CVS and Chipotle. If you parked in this lot and are about to leave, add a dollar to the meter for the next person who is going to park there. Everyone in college is trying to save money and this could really make someone’s day. 

2)   Pick Up Some Trash

We all want to keep College Park as clean as possible, so if you see the paper from Jimmy Johns or a water bottle on the sidewalk, just pick it up and throw it in the trash, or better yet, recycle it. If everyone does their part to keep College Park clean, we will all have a much better environment to live.


3)   Send One of Your Relatives a Photograph

Whether you send a photograph to your grandparents who miss you or your favorite aunt or uncle, the photograph will make their day. Your relatives want to feel important in your live and they want to know what is going on with you. You can send them a picture of you at your sorority’s philanthropy event or at a sporting event, just something to show them you’re enjoying college and are doing well! Print it out and send it through the mail old school or if they’re tech savvy, a text does the trick. 

4)   Hold the Elevator Door

If the building you live in has an elevator, you know that it is sometimes annoying when the door closes and opens because someone in the lobby pressed the “up” button one second too soon. Instead of being annoyed that you have to wait a few seconds longer, hold the elevator and wait and see if more people need to get on before pressing “door close.” Everyone needs to use the elevator, so be helpful and hold the door.

5)   Talk to Someone in Your Class who Seems Shy

If you notice that someone in your class always sits by themself and doesn’t talk much, talk to them the next class. Odds are they are just shy and feel uncomfortable in the class. Your friendly “hello” could really make their day and make them feel more comfortable in the class.

6)  Tell a Friend Something You Admire About Them

Sometimes we forgot how much we admire and respect our closest friends. They are your friends for a reason, so remind them of how awesome they are and how great of a job they are doing whether it is in school, athletics, or just being a great friend. It will make their day and will probably make your friendship even stronger.

7) Bring a Friend Who is Having a Bad Day Ice Cream

If one of your friends failed an exam, broke up with their boyfriend, or ruined their favorite pair of heels at Bentleys, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s or a Love It sized Cold Stone could make them feel a little better. It will show your friend how much you care about them, and who doesn’t love ice cream?

8) Tell Your Parents How Grateful You Are For Them

Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for our parents, we probably wouldn’t be at the University of Maryland having the time of our lives. Your parents support you, may pay your tuition, and have always wanted the best for you. Remind them how much you appreciate all they have done and all they do for you. It will make their day and they will feel like they are doing something right with you.

9) Let Someone Holding A Lot Of Stuff Have Your Seat on the Bus

If you are on a crowded bus and someone gets on holding a bag, a project, and dinner from STAMP and they can’t even hold on to the poles on the bus, offer your seat to them. They will be so thankful and you will really be helping someone out. 

10)  Send Your Friend That Goes To Another College a Letter

Sometimes we forget how the little things can really make someone smile. If you miss your best friend who goes to college hundreds of miles away, send them a letter. You can write how much you miss them, about one of your hilarious nights at Cstone or a social, or just send them a funny picture of yourself. Your friends from home want to still feel important to you even though you have so many new friends at college and this could really make their day. Who knows, maybe you and your friend could make this a tradition?

11) Remember to Thank the Bus Driver When You Get Off the Bus

Sometimes we forget that the bus drivers spend so much of their time carting Maryland students around campus and that this can sometimes be a tiresome task. We need to remember to thank our bus drivers that make it easier for us to get from the View to the bars in your heels. A thank you could really go a long way for these bus drivers and they will feel appreciated.

12) Stop When The People Outside STAMP Ask You To Listen or Donate

I know that when we are dying for our coffee drink or can’t wait to eat at the Co-op, it is easy for us to ignore the people outside of STAMP who are asking us for a donation or to buy a baked good. However, one day in the two weeks, stop and buy a baked good or at least listen to what the people have to say, instead of just blowing them off. They are dedicating their time and energy to support a good cause and the least we can do is respect them and listen to what they have to say.

13) Thank Your Favorite High School Teacher for Preparing You for College

We all have that really hard English teacher or Chemistry teacher from high school that was extremely challenging but prepared us for college in the long run. When you are breezing through English101, send your teacher and e-mail and just say thank you for preparing me for college and for being a great teacher. Your teachers dedicate their lives to helping you and your classmates, so knowing that they are doing a good job will mean a lot to them.

14) Recycle Your Water Bottle Instead of Throwing it in The Nearest Trash Can

I know it is sometimes a hassle to find a recycling bin or to separate your trash from recyclables, but you will be helping the environment. A few extra minutes of holding your water bottle or the few extra seconds it takes to separate your trash from recyclables can go a long way when it comes to helping the earth. Besides, there are recycling bins all over campus!



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