12 Reasons Why You Are Obsessed With Your Big

Our sorority bigs are quite the characters. A big is your role model, your best friend, your mentor, and your sister. Here are 12 reasons why we are obsessed with our bigs:

1. When you find out who your big is…and she’s perfect.

This is you during Big/Little Reveal.

2. When your big FINALLY passes down her letters and showers you with crafts and other gifts.

You’re like:

She’s like:

3. She genuinely listens to everything you have to say.

And she has the best reactions to your stories.

4. She’s always looking out for you….

…When she sends you out into the world.

5. When you have a new boyfriend, she has to assess if he is good enough for you. She makes the best judgment calls.

6. When you need sound advice, you know that your big can be a voice of reason. She will tell it how it is.

7. You can ask your big for practically anything, and she will accept you with open arms…no matter how crazy your request is.

8. When you spot cute guys at Bentley’s and decide it’s “prowl time.”

9. Your big is your coach and she gives you the best pep talks.

10. Your great minds think alike:

Deciding if you should go to a frat party when you have a paper due Monday.

But then you both manage to convince yourselves to go.

And then there is Sunday…

11. She has her moments when she is, well, you know…

or, well

12. You think your big is the best out there. Period.