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10 Wickedly Tasty (and Adorable) Treats to Make this Halloween

If you’re anything like me, you love the idea of cooking but aren’t exactly the savviest in the kitchen. You watch and re-watch Tasty videos on Facebook, and maybe share them a little too much. You hope that others will do the cooking while you get to do what you do best (that is, inhale everything in one sitting).

Or perhaps, you’re actually a young chef-in-the-making, and the kitchen happens to be your own personal haven. Either way, we all love food, as well as Halloween and all of its gloriously spooky festivities. So we’ve done the honor of creating a list of the tastiest, most adorable little Halloween treats, easy to make when the time is ticking.

1. Broom Stick Cookie Treats

No witch is complete without her most famous ghoulish accessory, and we’re not complete without scarfing down at least one cookie this Halloween. It’s simple: wrap your favorite cookie dough onto the end of a pretzel stick, use a fork to indent some lines as faux bristles and bake. Then take some icing and get creative!

2. Monstrous Apple Bites

Okay, maybe these aren’t the most monstrous set of jaws you’ve ever seen, but you can’t go wrong with a peanut butter + marshmallow combo. If you’d like to make it a little more menacing, you can exchange the peanut butter for red jelly (to look like blood), and the mini marshmallows for chopped almonds (to look sharper and scarier).

3. Graveyard Dip

The “dip” part of this adorable treat can really be whatever you’d like: chocolate or vanilla pudding, ice-cream, icing, etc. What’s most impressive here are the decorations on top. Use crushed Oreos to substitute as dirt, and scatter around candy corn until aesthetically pleasing. Top it off with a Milano cookie that reads “RIP” in black icing, and viola! Your undead masterpiece is ready to be devoured.

4. Spooky Fruit Kabobs

Who knew squares of kiwi, cantaloupe melon balls and jumbo marshmallows could be so cute? Dress up any fruit you’d like with Halloween faces using icing or candy melt, and you’ve got yourself a simple, healthy treat. If you’re really on a health kick this Halloween, you could also try using a peeled clementine with a small slice of celery stick on top to make unbelievably cute mini pumpkins!

5. Spider Cookies

Chocolate + peanut butter = my happy place. Press a mini Reese’s cup into a soft and doughy cookie, add some candy eyes, as many chocolate legs as your heart desires and that’s all she wrote. Possibly eat a few of those Reese’s to get you through all of the hard work.

6. Witch Fingers

As gross as these spooky fingers may look, they’re nothing but pretzel sticks dipped into white chocolate. The fingernails pressed on can be anything appropriately shaped such as sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds or candy corn. To add on to the creepy factor, you could scatter jelly or red food dye into the cup to act as faux blood.

7. Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats

Marshmallow, pumpkin spice and everything nice. This is why we love Fall, isn’t it? The trick to these treats is to use pumpkin peeps (which are as cute as you can imagine) to get the rich orange color. No dye required! Helpful tip: never be shy with marshmallow.

8. Skeleton Ginger Bread Cookies

Make a twist to the classic gingerbread cookie by piping on an eerie skeleton. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can add a graveyard dip to the mix (see above), and add some gummy worm companions.

9. Kisses Witch Hats

We’ve covered the broomsticks and the weird witchy fingers, so now all that’s left is her hat. This one is pretty effortless. Get chocolate covered cookies, and “glue on” Hershey kisses with frosting or peanut butter. I suggest you mix up the Hershey flavors to make things unpredictable (PSA: Pumpkin spice Kisses are a thing).

10. Jack-O-Lantern and Mummy Cake Pops

Cake pops are delicious, surprisingly easy to make and can be decorated to suit any of your festivity needs. To make this adorable treat, use frosting or edible ink to draw on your mummy wrapping or Jack-O-Lantern face. As for the eyes, you could try mini chocolate chips, green tic-tacs (which will be used for the pumpkin stems) or red M&M’s!

There you have it: A list compiled with adorable, tasty treat creations to savor both the best meal and the best holiday. Let us not forget that munching while cooking is highly encouraged. Happy snacking, collegiates!

Rebecca Martinez is a sophomore at the University of Maryland. You can likely find her binge-watching Gilmore Girls, at the gym, or reading (and probably rereading) a book. She lives for all things fashion, writing, art, and movies. Becca hopes to take the world by storm and publish a novel, learn sign language, and a whole lot of other stuff that may not be possible in one lifetime. Feel free to follow her on instagram at beccs_hope.
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