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10 Websites/Apps Every College Student Needs in Their Life

If you’re a college student, it’s likely that you’ve heard websites like Quizlet, Rate My Professors, Chegg and EasyBib in everyday conversation. Yes, they are totally helpful with navigating college and the stresses that come with it.

So here are 10 more that are going to make you question how you even survived last year without them.

1. theSkimm

The people behind theSkimm know that college students typically are toting around academic and social schedules that are booked to the max. So, they created this news service that makes knowing what’s going on in the world outside of College Park insanely easy. The emails they send every Monday-Friday have easy-to-read summaries of the top news stories and will actually make you feel like a real, informed adult.


2. KeepMeOut

If you find yourself struggling to be productive in any place with Wi-Fi connection, then this website is a necessity. Simply type in the link for whatever website is distracting you and set the timer. Then, you’ll finally be able to concentrate on that essay that’s due at midnight.



Most college students are able to relate to the struggle of filling up their cart while online shopping only to realize they can afford half of its contents. Well, fear not broke college kids! UNiDAYS has awesome discount codes for all kinds of places including Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Levi’s, Lyft and even Dylan’s Candy Bar.

4. Mint

Continuing with the “college students are broke” theme, Mint allows you to keep track of every penny you spend. You can analyze where you are spending the most cash and adjust your spending habits from there (unless you’re spending all your money on coffee – in which case you should definitely continue).

5. Alarmy

Naps are an integral part of the college lifestyle. The creators of this app understand that and have produced, arguably, the most annoying alarm clock of all time. Say goodbye to the worries of not waking up from your afternoon nap in time to get to your next class.


6. GoAbroad

Being able to study abroad is one of the most exciting and unique opportunities that college has to offer. While you should definitely take advantage of all the resources available on campus to learn about study abroad programs, this website has hundreds of resources to consult as well. Just enter a city, term and subject area to find the perfect program for you.

7. iStudiez Pro

This is an awesome app for organizing the academic stresses of students with even the hardest majors. It has all of the perks that come with the organization of a paper planner (color coding included), except it’s on your phone or laptop.

8. Sworkit

The Freshman 15 is real. Keeping a fitness regimen is difficult with so many tests to study for, club meetings to attend and hours to sleep. You may think that trekking the many hills of College Park is enough to fight it, but try this fitness app’s quick full body workouts, too! They can even be done in the comfort of your own dorm room.

9. Cheatography

Don’t be wary of this website because of the name; it’s actually insanely helpful when it comes to studying. The app combines information from different cheat sheets into easily readable and accessible ones for you. These are super helpful for creating great study guides or reviewing material quickly.

10. Songkick

If you’re a music fan that loves going to concerts but hates spending the money for $300 tickets, Songkick is a must. The website and app connects to your Spotify to show you when your favorite artists are playing near you and where to get the cheapest tickets.



Morgan is a University of Maryland freshman studying broadcast journalism and dance as a double major. She hails from Warren, New Jersey and has always enjoyed expressing herself creatively through dancing and writing. She is also a longtime reader of Her Campus. When she's not doing school work or writing, you can almost always find her waiting in the ridiculously long line outside of Chipotle, listening to Drake, or binge watching Netflix.
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