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10 Throwback Songs For All Your Summer Car Rides This Season

It’s almost summertime, so you know what that means…spontaneous adventures and car rides with your friends!

Whether you are going to get ice cream or traveling to the beach, there’s nothing better than turning the stereo up and rolling the windows down after a long and stressful semester. Here’s a list of some OG tunes for your next therapeutic jam session.

1. Rupert Holmes, “Escape” (1979)

You may not know the song by its name… but trust me, you know the song. Pretend like you “like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain” with this old-school tropical vibe.

2. Katrina & The Waves, “Walking on Sunshine” (1985)

“And don’t it feel good!” You’ve probably heard this oldie but goodie in a commercial or movie, and it’s a great bop to sing at the top of your lungs while basking in the sun.

3. Shakira, “Hips Don’t Lie” (2006)

Need I say more? This spicy Latin tune is all you need for the ultimate confidence boost.

4. Christina Aguilera, “Genie in a Bottle” (1999)

“I’m a genie in a bottle, baby.” This sexy and catchy ballad will have you and your friends feelin’ yourselves the entire ride.

5. Jimmy Eat World, “The Middle” (2001)

You may have listened to this song when you were in a rebellious phase or heard it on TV. This hardcore punk jam is awesome for your rocker-girl alter ego.

6. Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland, “Promiscuous” (2006)

I remember bopping around to this song in middle school, but that was several years after its release. This song just makes you feel sexy inside and out.

7. Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg, “California Gurls” (2010)

Holy cow… this song is 8 years old?! This sweet pop beat radiates sunshine and good vibes on the west coast and beyond. Pool party and popsicles? Yes please!

8. Kid Rock, “All Summer Long” (2007)

“It was summertime in Northern MichiganAhh Ahh Ahh.” This modern song on fun and romance in the warmer months is a timeless toast to the reckless youth.

9. Tom Cochrane, “Life is a Highway” (1991)

You may be more familiar with the Rascal Flatts version, but the original is still great for roadtrippin’. Based on the title, you can obviously see why. Put this jam on repeat and put that car top down!

10. Nelly, “Hot in Herre” (2002)

It’s getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes…no, wait, keep them on! Unless you are trading them for a super cute bathing suit. On your way to get some Vitamin D therapy – Perfect!

Do these songs bring back memories of long summer nights with friends you’ll never forget? Then put them back in your playlist and let’s have a rockin’ summer break.

Hey, everybody! My name is Jenna Pierson and I am a freshman Journalism Major at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am from Parkersburg, WV, which is a medium-sized town on the Ohio River. I love all things beauty, fashion, and nutrition/fitness. Some of my hobbies include leisurely reading, working out, participating in theatrical productions and traveling. Also, I may or may not love my dogs more than I love most humans. I also love to spend time with my friends, family, and long-term boyfriend. I am so happy to be a Her Campus Contributor!
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