10 Things You Need to Know to Manage Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair – it’s a blessing and a curse. If you have it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You love and pride yourself on your ringlets, but there are definitely days when the frizz and uncontrollable twists leave you wishing you could shave it all off. But don’t worry! There are ways to make sure your curly hair is at its best and those bad hair days are kept to a minimum.

1.     Get the right cut.

You’ve probably heard this before, but the right cut can make a huge difference! Longer hair weighs down curls, so if you are looking to beat the poof, keep your hair medium-length to long. Having layers will help shape your hair so that it’s flattering for your face. It’s important to have healthy locks – so get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks to keep your curls in tip-top shape! 

2.     Have sweet dreams with satin.

Not only will you feel like a princess, but sleeping with a satin pillowcase will help keep second-day hair curls looking good. Satin will help eliminate frizz overnight.


3.     Throw out the brush.

Brushing your hair damages and breaks hair. Opt for a wide tooth comb. For even better results on curly hair, comb your hair while it is wet. So whether it’s in the shower or after you get out, combing your hair before it dries will ensure it is knot-free and retains the curl. Combing while your hair is dry will remove the curl shape and be a breeding ground for that unwanted frizz.

4.     Shampoo right.

A lot of times you will hear advice that you should wash your hair every-other day. The reason for this advice is that shampoo will strip your hair of its natural oils and make it dry. It is often hard on hair. But for some people this advice is not always practical or desired –it’s just personal preference. So if you are someone who needs to wash your hair every day, try just shampooing every other day (but still use your conditioner every day). Also, focus shampooing the top of your scalp (where it can get oily), and only gently shampoo the ends of your hair.

5. Condition!!

This is, perhaps, the most important thing you can do to keep those curls hydrated and healthy! Find a good conditioner that works well on your hair. My personal favorite is Pantene Pro-V: Curl Perfection. It’s not only affordable, but works wonders. Lather in the conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes while in the shower. Your hair will thank you and reward you with countless good hair days! Curly hair is naturally dry, so taking extra steps to keep it hydrated is incredibly important. Try using formulas for dry/damaged hair, too. This will help because curly hair is often more prone to dryness and damage. If it’s really dry, try a leave-in conditioner. 

6.  Don’t rub dry.

After getting out of the shower, it is tempting to flip your head over and rub your hair like a madman with your towel to dry it. DON’T. Instead, gently pat dry your hair with your towel. This will help eliminate frizz and knots, the biggest enemies to curly hair.

7.   Use a good styling product.

Curly hair sometimes needs a little assistance too looks its best. Whether it’s a serum, cream, or spray, there’s something out there for everyone. Find something that is made specifically for curly hair. I personally use Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream. It’s a little pricey and you can get it at a beauty supply store or your hairdresser, but is heaven-sent. It smells wonderful, and makes my hair super curly! I apply it to my hair after I get out of the shower and let it air-dry. I also have friends who swear by the DevaCurl products. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Spray is also great as well..    

8. Beat the heat!

Blow drying or straightening your precious curls will only damage them. That damage will ultimately cause hair to be frizzy and dead. For healthy and frizz-free hair, let your hair naturally dry. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. Curly hair is a blessing! Don’t be afraid to let your natural locks take center stage. But if you MUST use heat, be sure to use a protective product for your hair. A personal favorite is Aussie Hair Insurance – it protects your hair, but also makes it shiny! Always keep the blow dryer on a low setting to minimize the impact of the heat.

9. Work that headband!

Of course, bad hair days are inevitable. Everyone has them. But the good thing about having curly hair is that you have volume—perfect for a stylish headband! Pushing your hair back with a headband on those days when it seems unmanageable is a quick-fix, and super cute! Headbands with tooth-combs will help keep it in place.


10.   Embrace the Craze.

Us curly haired beauties have something that people would be willing to pay a lot of money for (*cough cough* perms), so why not flaunt it?! Everyone has bad hair days, but not everyone can naturally have the ringlets and waves we do.  Take care of your curls, and work them –confidence is always key! Others will envy you. Make your hair your best asset.