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10 Realities of Window Shopping

We’ve all had moments where we needed some retail therapy, yet our bank accounts were currently suffering, which meant we had to turn to the age-old pastime we love to hate: window shopping! While window shopping fulfills a desire for fashionable items, it also puts a dagger in our hearts when our eyes soak up all the beautiful pieces of clothing we want but can’t have. These are some of the realities that we experience…

1. You realize you probably should’ve never stepped foot in the store.

2. But it’s too late now.

3. You’ve set your eyes on the endless collection of clothes, and there’s no going back.

4. You melt inside as you see, touch, and savor all of the things that catch your eye.

5. Everything is irresistible and you can’t seem to stop browsing.

6. You incessantly check price tags because there might be that one cheap item you can afford.

7. But even the cheap items are too expensive.

8. So you stop and contemplate life.

9. The reality of your financial predicament settles in.

10. And all you can think about is the torture you forcibly put yourself through.


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