10 Not So Basic DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means if you plan on going to some sort of social gathering and celebrating, you should get your costume ready ASAP!

Do you get tired of the same old spooky routine? You know what I mean-- the constant stream of cat costumes or cluster of female superheroes. Here are some super quirky and creative Pinterest ideas here to spice up your 2017 Halloween and help you break out of those basic trends!

1. The Cactus Costume.

Perfect for that Cute but Prickly Personality!

2. The Arthur Costume. 

A totally adorable way of showcasing your childhood PBS favorite.

3. The Sushi Costume. 

Fun and Fishy-- you’ll be a yummy sight for sure!

4. Russell from UP

Everybody needs a favorite explorer!

5. The Beanie Baby Costume. 

Talk about a throwback…I swear everybody has at least 20 of these super cute critters.

6. The Ghostbusters Costume. 

A classic yet not commonly seen costume. Everybody will be calling you for their ghoulish needs!

7. The Coraline Costume. 

Neil Gaiman definitely hit the ‘creepy’ button on this one. No pun intended.

8. The Hershey’s Kiss Costume.

You’ll be the sweetest one there!

9. The Tina Belcher Costume.

If you really try, maybe you can be a smart, strong and sensual woman like this Bob’s Burgers legend.

10. The Operation Costume. 

The game that was your #1 source of anxiety when you were younger is now the “heart” of your Halloween style.