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Zach Hager is one busy junior around campus. Between organizations, two fraternities, and his BioChem Pre-med major, his fully loaded life demands much of his time, but he makes it work! If you don’t already know him, just join something on campus because he’s probably in it.

HC: What all are you involved with on campus?

ZH: Well, first my RA position, I love it. I’m also involved in the National Residence Hall Honorary, Campus Activities Board (CAB), the John Marshall Emerging Leaders Institute (JMELI), Pi Kappa Phi, and Alpha Phi Omega, a community service fraternity.

HC: Did you plan on joining a fraternity when you got here?

ZH: I did not. Before I got to college I didn’t really know what Greek life was about. I had a bunch of stereotypes in my head of what I felt like they stood for, but I didn’t know that much about it. A couple of my really good friends got me interested and I met some of the guys and really liked their values and the way they carried themselves.

HC: What sort of experiences do you get from JMELI?

ZH: I love JMELI. They teach you how to become a more rounded leader. Not only identifying your leadership style, but also giving you tips on how to best communicate that. And they provide you with information on how to get more leadership opportunities.

HC: Is it hard to balance all of your extracurricular activities, school work, and down time?

ZH: The hardest. It is the hardest thing in the world. Already my courses are tough, and all of these other things will stack up. I have to pull time from wherever I can get it, like cutting a lunch short or going to bed two hours late and waking up one hour early. I have to make it work, and sometimes it doesn’t.

HC: What are some of your favorite things to do around Huntington?

ZH: I’m obsessed with pottery place, I’ve made, I think, 28 projects there! It’s a bit of a problem actually. Any kind of community service, like volunteering at animal shelters, nursing home visits, just all the things. And if I’m not doing anything like that, just seeing my friends and having a good time!

Zach is very involved on campus and around the community (obviously). You will probably run into him sooner or later, so don’t forget to give him a quick wave and a friendly smile!

Will Kuria is a graphic design major at Marshall University. He likes weird electronic music, bad haircuts, and doesn't really do anything with his life.
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