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Currently, Facebook, Twitter, GroupMe, and individual text conversations are being blown up with one question: What color is this dress?

Seriously though, what color is the dress? I have honestly been freaking myself out over this phenomenon. The very first picture I saw of the dress, it was black and blue. I saw it again as white and gold and I kept thinking, didn’t I just see this post and the dress was black and blue? And so I began reading more into it, seeing more pictures of it, and it was consistently in white and gold, but I didn’t feel the need to argue with others who saw it as black and blue, because I had seen it that way as well. 

As I was laying in bed at night, checking my twitter feed one last time, the craziest thing happened. I blinked while seeing a picture of the dress, and BAM! from white and gold to black and blue it changed. What. The. Heck. I was completely freaked out… How could my eyes play such cruel tricks on me?! 

The next morning the dress was back to white and gold. It was honestly worrying me, so I made sure to save a picture of it on my phone. Periodically throughout the day, I would check the picture to see what color the dress was. The picture never changed, but the dress color sure did. 

I’m curious as to what you readers see. Is it a consistent color for you, or is it changing like it is for me? And what is happening exactly? Below you’ll find a few explanations. I couldn’t tell you what’s true and what isn’t, so you’re free to decide for yourself:


Mallory Norton is a business management major at Marshall University. She is the co-founder of Her Campus Marshall. She enjoys horse back riding, brownies, and her beautiful city of Huntington.
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