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Back to School Survival Kit!

It’s that wonderful time of year again: time for the Back to School Survival Kit! In my opinion, this has been the best survival kit yet. We recieved so many excellent things from Five Hour Energy, Tresemme, Marshalls, Chipotle, and more. 

To get into a little more detail about what we have received (and will be giving away), here’s a nice little list:

Five Hour Energy: headphones and a plethera of five hour energy shots! (everyone needs these two things)

Tresemme: Tresemme knows how much girls love beach waves, so they sent us sea salt spray AND sea foam! Keep those beach waves all year round.

Marshalls: Marshalls chose Marshall University for an exclusive give away. We have received thirty gift cards to our favorite store!

Chipotle: Back by popular demand, we have recieved BOGO cards!

Not featured are coffee mugs, tea, make up, the Diva Cup, and lots of random knick knacks! Thank you to all the sponsors!

Mallory Norton is a business management major at Marshall University. She is the co-founder of Her Campus Marshall. She enjoys horse back riding, brownies, and her beautiful city of Huntington.
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