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Campus Cutie: Ebony Simpson

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mars Hill chapter.



Campus Cutie : Ebony Simpson

Class – Senior

Graduating with a B.A. in studio art, Ebony Simpson is this week’s Campus Cutie at Mars Hill University. She is currently involved in the Black Student Association and is the graphics editor for the school’s literary and art magazine, Cadenza. This busy girl recently finished her senior seminar which included an exhibit in the Weizenblat Art Gallery located in the building, Moore. Thankfully, I was able to catch her for a quick interview and find out a little bit more about this cheerful campus cutie.


Her Campus: So graduation is coming up and I have to ask; what are your plans after you exit the stage?            

Ebony: Find a job. Any job really. Of course I eventually want to end up with a job in my field, but right now I’m open to anything. I want to do something that gives me a new experience like administration or flipping burgers. What better way to get experience than flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

Her Campus: McDonald’s is experience?

Ebony: Well, any job is an experience if you make it one. I don’t necessarily want a job at McDonald’s but I’m not opposed to it. A lot of people think “No way! I would be miserable!” And it’s true, you will be miserable if you’re not making the best of your situation. The real key to success is being the best person you can be by giving your best effort, and you can do that anywhere… even McDonald’s!

Her Campus: What’s your greatest achievement at Mars Hill University?

Ebony: When I was a sophomore, I was involved in the Challenger Program (student mentorship program). I worked with the incoming freshmen to help them get through their first year of college, and at the end of their freshman seminar class they all had to take a survey where they gave feedback on the class as a whole. One or two of the students actually mention my name and said that I really helped them in their transition to college life. The fact that I could help them in some way made me really happy because I made a difference.

Her Campus: What’s the best program you’re a part of on campus?

Ebony: Being a part of B.S.A. Whenever B.S.A did their Battle of the Sexes last year, it was the first time ever and it was very successful. It engaged a lot of students that otherwise wouldn’t have been involved and a lot of students were talking about it after the event was over.

Her Campus: What’s your favorite medium of art?

Ebony: Drawing using mainly graphite and charcoal.

Her Campus: Why did you choose to get a degree in studio art?

Ebony: To be honest, there’s nothing else I’m actually good at! Plus, nothing else is as much fun. The process of creating art is the biggest thrill – whenever I do art I’m closer to God.

Her Campus: What is a consistent source of inspiration for you?

Ebony: The Bible. It always blows my mind no matter how many times I read it. My faith definitely effects my art content and how I go about creating it, because I’ve always had this idea that God and I are gonna be bff’s when I’m old. God’s an artist and we have an artist’s connection. God probably looks at man and goes dag nab that’s cool, and I do the same thing with my art too.

Her Campus: Well I think that will do it. Thank you so –

Ebony: Wait, wait, wait! I want to tell you something a lot of people don’t know about me. I used to own a bear business.

Her Campus: A bear business?

Ebony: Yes. I started the business when I was twelve years old and I made teddy bears that I sold for $30 each. I did it for a long time, however, I quit as soon as I started my freshman year of college. I hate teddy bears; I can barely look at them anymore. I just wanted everyone to know!