Campus Celebrity: John Butler

This week's campus celebrity hails from the state of peaches, college football and one of the largest annual professional cycling races. John Butler may be a freshman, but he's already made himself known on campus. Read below to find out why we love him, and why you should to.

John Butler

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Athens, GA

Major: Business Administration

Why did you choose MHU:  For the size and how personable the people are. "The professor relationship makes it so you're not just a number. And I am a cyclist, so being offered a spot on the team, definitely played a huge role into my decision."

What's your favorite thing about MHU: The sunsets

What are you career aspirations: "I'll go with my Plan B so I sound more legit…grad school. But I would love to purse a career in professional cycling, however, being a brand representative for a cycling brand or head of a marketing committee for a brand, would be great too."

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who snore. "That's a big turnoff, if she snores worse than my dad, I'm never doing that again."

Best advice you've ever received: "Practice in silence and let your results speak for itself."

Favorite caf food: Fresh pineapple

Celebrity Crush: Anna Kendrick

Mars Hill Crush: Beth Cessna aka "The Silver Fox"

Describe yourself in under five words: "I am surprisingly intelligent."

Biggest fear: Failure