Why You Should Be Watching Shameless

Why You Should be Watching Shameless

If you have a shameless addiction to Shameless then you are not alone. Shameless is a show about a dysfunctional family living on the South Side of Chicago and the six kids growing up with their alcoholic father. Shameless will send you on an emotional rollercoaster every episode and you will love every second of it. The perfect mix of heartbreak and drama, the show has proved to never be boring and always leaves you wanting more. Rooted in poverty, addiction and deep family love, Shameless isn’t afraid to tackle the issues that matter, the issues that are often overlooked. Nothing is off limits.

1. The Characters

For starters, Fiona is strong, fiercely independent, and hard-working. Fiona has got it all but stability. Fiona was forced to provide for her family since the age of sixteen and does so with a lot of love but often with a lack of grace. Middle brother Ian struggles with his sexuality and bipolar disorder throughout the series, and then there’s father Frank. You won’t be able to shake a love-hate relationship with Frank, the train-wreck of a father you can’t help watching. You will also root for oldest brother Lip episode after episode.

2. The Acting

Not only are the characters amazing, but the actors behind them are as well. The cast is group of award winners that know how to pull your heart strings and make you laugh like no other. Every actor, young or old, brings something interesting to the table.

3. The Relationships

There is a never-ending string of heart-warming and sometimes heart-wrenching relationships. From Ian and Mickey, to Kevin and Vee, these couples will make you laugh, cry, and everything else in between.

4. Mental Illness Awareness

Shameless constantly brings much-needed awareness to mental illness throughout the series. This is seen primarily through character Ian, as well as his mother, Monica, who both struggle with bipolar disorder. The script does not paint a false image of the illness, but shows the raw emotions in those impacted by the disorder. The show shines an important light on mental illness to their audiences.

5. The Comedy

 The show proves to be laugh-out-loud funny without ever becoming worn out. Shameless is funny enough for you to keep you watching and brings optimism even after heartbreak after heartbreak. The comedy and storytelling abilities of the show’s writers are continuous, creating a true TV masterpiece.

And, the best part, it’s on Netflix, if you didn’t need another reason to start binge-watching Shameless.