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Why Legally Blonde Gets Sororities Right

Why “Legally Blonde” Gets Sororities Right

When people think of “Legally Blonde” they think of one of their favorite cult classics, bend and snap, Reese Witherspoon and a whole lot of pink. Some might even think of sororities. A lot of people in Greek life will tell you that “Legally Blonde” got it all wrong. 

It’s true. Sororities aren’t full of only blonde-haired girls with big boobs. Toilet paper isn’t discussed at chapter meetings. I’m sure you could find a ton of stereotypes that just don’t apply. We have to take it for what it is- humor. But, I promise you, our favorite chick flick does sisterhood a lot more justice that wrongdoings. 

“Legally Blonde” honestly shows non-greeks what it’s like to be a sorority girl. It got it right. 

The movie shows a group of woman who support their sister as she takes on applying to law school. They help her study. They are just as anxious to find out her LSAT scores as she is. That same group of women would later go support Elle when she has her first taste of what it’s like to be an attorney. They go to the hearing and support her. 

But it’s not just the big stuff. 

Sororities gift you with friends that you have something in common with, so you can bond. But you’re all different. You can learn and grow from one another. Sororities are full of girls who will help you pick out a perfect outfit for a date, and then bring you smoothies and take you out when the jerk breaks your heart. These girls will drop you notes of encouragement. One day, they’ll be your bridesmaids. They’re always there for you. 


I’ve seen all of these things in my favorite guilty pleasure film, and I’ve experienced all of them through my own sisterhood. “Legally Blonde,” you did it! 

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