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Why I Will Never Watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marquette chapter.

Why I Will Never Watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Many young ladies across America hunker down on Monday nights for this popular franchiese. Here’s why I will never be one of them. 

  1. It’s Anti-Feminist

The Bachelor/Bachelorette pits women against each other to fight over a guy they have never met, yet are expected to all have feelings for each other? The women say awful things about each other and tear the other contestants apart. I am not going to support a show that intentionally tries to paint women in a poor light. This is the 21st century, women should be supporting each other no matter the circumstances. Even more importantly, why are women being framed to look as if all that matters is one man? Once again, it’s 2017, have we not moved past the idea that women are here for the soul purpose to fawn over men? We have seen so many women work hard to get the respect we have today and this show makes that work look meaningless. I am all for love, but that is not what this show supports.

  1. It negatively depicts men!

This show essentially makes all people look bad, but men just as much as women. One man is supposed to be attracted to all of these women. We should treat men as equals if we expect the same treatment back. This show makes the “Bachelor” look absolutely shallow, and that his mind is only set on sex or his next “trophy wife.” On the other hand, men aren’t objects that we are supposed to ogle at. The man in this role as the “bachelor” is treated like a piece of meat, that all women are expected to love for his looks and charm, but not his intelligence or anything truly meaningful. This is degrading to men, just as much as it is to women.

  1. It supports promiscuity.  

While this factor might just bother me, it should bother others too. I am still a sucker for good old fashion monogamy, and that might be because I am a traditionalist or because I love the attention. Either way, I just do not enjoy everyone being comfortable sharing the same guy. Don’t we still make a big deal about faithfulness? Cheating is still something that I believe is wrong. As far as I am concerned, this man, or women in the case of the “Bachelorette,” is almost forced into being okay with cheating on everyone. The person has no boundaries about staying faithful and this just seems too much like Sisterwives for me to handle. I am not a fan.   

  1. The concept makes no sense.

This point should be number one. The idea of this show is just bizarre. One guy is meant to choose one beautiful woman (out 25) to be his wife in six weeks. That is just a ridiculous concept. Normal relationships that take years to build are difficult to keep stable, so why is it at all realistic for a couple to form a bond strong enough for marriage in only two months? That task alone is hard enough, yet the show also throws in the aspect of not just trying to get to know one man or women, but many. The idea of this show is exhausting and confusing. 

  1. It’s a waste of my time

Since this show is full of complications that lead to drama, it is supposed to mean good television in the eyes of the writers. My eyes just see too much to handle. I already have to manage my education, clubs, passions, and a social life. I don’t have enough hours in the day to add this to my to do list. This show sounds taxing for all parties involved. Just because I’m not for this series, does not mean I’m against TV completely. The difference is that I believe TV should distract and relax me, and this show just does not do it for me.

  1. There is nothing real about this reality TV show

Lastly, this show is completely unrealistic. Most reality TV is fake and staged, but this one is supposed to be about love, one of lives’ greatest elements. Lets stop messing with people’s human emotions, along with real people’s lives. It collides those two worlds while messing with everyone’s emotions, because people get invested. If you look at the history of the show, you will see that only two couples are still together (one of those two was a runner–up). These sad results make it less enjoyable for viewers to know these couples didn’t even work out. It leaves them with a false sense of reality. 

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