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Why Are We, And The Media, Obsessed With Ugly Men?

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Anytime you open TikTok you’ll hear girls raving about how hot Pete Davidson is, or Timothee Chalamet. I’m sorry, but both of those men look like they are on their deathbeds and haven’t slept in days. BUT FOR SOME REASON I STILL THINK THEY ARE SO HOT I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT! To get to the bottom of this, I interviewed a few of my friends on their favorite ugly hot celebrity.  

Maggie said her celebrity crush was Michael Cera, most well known for “Arrested Development” and “Juno.” When asked why she finds him attractive, Maggie simply responded with “I love nerds.”

Gabriella agreed with Timothee Chalamet. “He’s just so ugly to the point where he becomes abstract art. He’s just so unique.” I personally find Timothee attractive because he always seems classy and has a large amount of confidence, despite kind of looking like a rat. 

Lia, my amazing roommate, is into Pete Davidson for his shining personality and sense of humor. She also thinks he “seems fun.“ I thought he was hot, but now he’s removing his tattoos so I’m not too sure.

Emma thinks Dylan Sprouse is ugly, yet she is still attracted to him. “It’s the long hair, it’s ugly, but he’s really hot.” Her honorable mention would be Machine Gun Kelly.

Rory and I were in agreement on this one: ADAM DRIVER. He’s literally the hottest human being to ever live but for some reason most people do not agree with us on this. They probably just haven’t seen the scene in The Force Awakens where Kylo Ren interrogates Rey.  

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