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What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marquette chapter.

We’ve all been there: we wake up in the morning and stare into our closet full of clothes, yet we do not know what to wear. That was me every single morning my first two years of high school. It usually led to me finding a mediocre outfit that I didn’t feel confident in. During the start of my junior year I became more invested in clothing and fashion and started picking out my outfits for the week ahead on Sunday nights. I even do that to this day in college!

I have spent numerous hours investigating, reading about, and writing about fashion, so my knowledge on finding outfits quickly yet stylish is prime. Here are a few ways to find an outfit when you feel like there is nothing to wear in your closet full of clothes!

1. Plan ahead

Like I said before, I always plan out my outfits on Sunday night for the week ahead. I set aside a half hour before bed, check the weather for the week and plan my clothes accordingly. Doing this on Sunday makes for a stress free week ahead of finding outfits. Another way to plan ahead is to simply pick out your clothes the night before. Spend just a few minutes checking the weather for the next day and put together a cute outfit that you look forward to waking up to. *I also make an effort to think about the different jewelry I will wear with my outfits as well to save even more time and be even more proactive!*

2. Have a “go-to” outfit

If you are searching for an outfit in the morning, and desperately cannot find anything, have a “go-to” outfit on hand. For me, it is a simple white short or long sleeve shirt (weather depending), a pair of jeans and some Nike Air Force 1’s. I only resort to this when I am running late or don’t have an outfit planned ahead of time, otherwise I would be stuck wearing a white t shirt and jeans three days a week!

3. A scroll through Pinterest

When my go-to outfit has already been worn and I am not sure what I could quick throw on but still be cute, I grab my phone and scroll through Pinterest for 2 minutes. In those two minutes, I more than likely would have scrolled past dozens of adorable outfits! I gain some insight from those and see if anything in my closet can be used to replicate an outfit that I saw!

4. A striped shirt with any layer!

In my closet, I have a black and white striped (horizontal, of course) long sleeve and short sleeve top! When I am at a loss for what to wear in the spring and summer months, I will grab my striped short sleeve top and layer it with a cute necklace or jacket. In the winter or fall, I will grab the longsleeve and pair it with a cute scarf and/or jacket! My favorite combination is a black and white striped long sleeve, black jeans, tan scarf, and adorable gold earrings! The BEST striped tops that I have purchased are either from Kohls or JCrew!

My mom can attest to the amount of times I have said “I don’t know what to wear!” throughout my lifetime! After becoming more fashionably literate, as well as encountering many stressful, outfitless mornings, I’m glad to have provided some insight on how to prevent it from happening to you in the future!

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