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What My Favorite TV Shows Have Taught Me

What My Favorite TV Shows Have Taught Me

I’ve loved watching TV since I was little. Saturday morning cartoons were always the highlight of my week. As I got older and my taste in TV shows broadened, I began to learn a lot about myself and about the world. Whenever my mom asks, “Why do you watch so much TV?”, this is my answer.

The Office taught me… that the people are more important than the job. Working at a paper company may not be the most exciting but creating relationships and memories (not to mention pulling outrageous pranks) are. I take this lesson into every job I have and learn to make the most out of what could be a boring environment.

Pretty Little Liars taught me… that drama may be fun but it usually causes more problems than it’s worth. The girls in this show got themselves into so many problems by lying and being fake to their classmates and families. Although it’s fun to watch, it would not be fun to live in a world where everyone is your enemy. Every time I think about spreading drama, I remind myself that having A after me would not be ideal.

Grey’s Anatomy taught me… that intelligence is more important than beauty. The wise Christina Yang once said, “Screw beautiful, I’m brilliant.” As cheesy as it sounds, it’s really true. Ambition and hard work get you so much further in life than perfectly curled hair and blindingly white teeth do. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that getting your hands dirty (even if not literally) is an important part of having a successful and fulfilling life.

Saturday Night Live taught me… that it doesn’t hurt to make a joke every once in a while. SNL always knows how to turn a tough situation into something a lot more manageable with a few tasteful jokes. As a lover of politics, SNL is my election season go-to because it helps me deal with all the debate drama in a lighthearted way. This show reminds me that life is funny, and that we should take a moment to laugh at it sometimes.

The Bachelorette taught me… that true love is hard to come by. Personally, I watch this show because of the fashion and the cute guys acting like fools just to impress a girl. But I always notice myself hoping that the bachelorette does find a guy that makes her happy. Despite all the eligible and seemingly perfect guys she has to choose from, the relationships rarely turn into anything real once the show is over. This show taught me that you can’t prepare for falling in love or try to orchestrate it.

TV shows are more than just entertaining, they pull us in for a reason. They are about the characters and what we can learn from them. I personally have learned a lot. 

Political Science Major at Marquette University
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