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Weekend Warrior: What Every Collegiette Needs for a Night Out

It’s Friday night. You’ve put on your favorite party outfit, styled your hair to perfection, and
applied your makeup flawlessly. However, before you’re ready to step out the door, you need a
few key items. Whether you are planning to hit up a house party, go on a lovely date with your
significant other, or go out to the Third Ward with your girls, this list will ensure that you have
everything you need.

1. Keys. Obviously, one of the most important things you need to remember is your key. If
you live in a dorm, you can even be charged if you forget your keys! Losing your keys is a big
concern for many people when going out, and the replacement fees are ridiculous if you lose
them permanently. A tip for keeping your keys safe: loop one end of a hair elastic around the key
ring hole on the key. Loop the other end securely to your bra strap or the inside zipper on your
purse. You’ll always have your keys safely close to you throughout the night!

2. Identification. If you still live in the dorms, it’s very important that you have your Marquette
ID to re-enter your dorm. Like with your keys, if you forget your ID too many times, you can be
charged! If you are an over-21 collegiette, you should bring your driver’s license or other state
ID if you plan on drinking or entering a bar or club.

3. Cash. In today’s day and age, it appears that everyone puts all expenses on their debit or credit
cards. While this is convenient and fast, it’s still a good idea to make sure you at least have some
cash on you! Make sure you at least have a couple five-dollar bills on you, and keep a couple
singles in your wallet in case you need a bus. Just make sure you aren’t carrying too much
money that could get stolen.

4. Cell phone. Yeah, yeah, we know. You wouldn’t leave your cell phone out of your sight for
more than thirty seconds, but it does happen that people go out and forget their phones! Some
people don’t like to bring their phones out because they would rather be hanging out then be
glued to their texts and Twitter feeds, but it’s a good idea in case someone gets separated from
the group or an emergency happens. Make sure that you have sufficient battery life as well!
There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make a call and having your phone die on you.

5. Your purse. We’re not talking about your giant carryall that you sometimes take to class, but
taking your necessities out is a lot easier when you have something to put it in. If you’re wearing
a dress out, you can’t just put everything in a pocket. A small shoulder bag with an inside zipper
pocket is a wise investment because it keeps your belongings close while being hands-free. An
alternative is a small wristlet, but be careful as you can drop it or it can get stolen.

6. Your girls (or guy)! Not to sound like your mother, but the city really can be unsafe. You
should NEVER go out alone at night! Yes, even if you are just running to Dog Haus to get some
late-night snacks, you should make sure you at least have one other person with you. When at a
party or bar with a group, you should know where everyone is at all times and not leave anyone
behind without a clear description of where they’re going and with whom. We all may be adults,
but we still need to ensure that everyone is safe!

So now that you have all the things you need to go out, have a good time, and stay safe!

Jenna Fanduzzi is a junior at Marquette University, where she studies psychology and advertising. Jenna hopes to gain more experience in these fields after college, and that they will lead her to interesting places and situations. Aside from school, Jenna is a social media addict and spends time reading, blogging, and dancing to Lady Gaga.
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