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Weekend Warrior Recap: William Beckett

Don’t you just love it when you hear one of your favorite songs from high school on the radio? How about getting to see the artists live in concert? Or even better– meeting them in person?
On September 13th in the AMU, Marquette put on a cozy coffeehouse event sponsored by Late Night Marquette featuring William Beckett. Marquette prides its student musicians, and Claire Kelly, a talented sophomore, was able to open for Beckett. After Claire’s amazing performance, Beckett got on the stage and immediately lit up the audience. Everyone was comfortable with him right away due to his charm and easygoing character. Throughout his performance he played fun songs, kept the audience laughing, and shared information about himself.
Although the crowd was sad to see that his show was ending, everyone was even more excited for the chance to go and meet him. My friends and I quickly got up from our seats and made our way close to the end of the line. Once Beckett was ready to start meeting everyone, it definitely felt like it was just going to be like greeting an old friend from high school.
Everyone got to chat and get to know him more for about five minutes each. Lots of pictures were taken and he even made phone calls to friends of fans that couldn’t make it to the show. William Beckett was an easygoing guy that many could relate to because of his personality and the life choices that he has been making. Recently he has worked on a few EPs to sort of recreate his musical career. He also talked about how he was helping a friend by raising money for him. Once it was our turn to meet him, he kindly gave us an autograph and took a picture with us. This was a great event that was made even better by William Beckett.

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