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Weekend Warrior: Dorm DIY

It’s hard to find time to craft in college. Schedules are packed and space is limited, so collegiettes are often limited to coloring books and tying fleece blankets. Marquette Collegiette Caitlin Fortuna has a great list of useful and dorm-friendly crafts worthy of pinterest. Take a study break this weekend and give one a try!

Melted Crayon Canvas Art
1 canvas
1 box of crayons
Hair dryer

Use duct tape for words. Place crayons on top. Blow dry on high heat till crayons melt. Blow dry side to side to blend colors. Slowly remove duct tape to reveal words.

Heart Construction Paper Garland
Construction paper

Cut out lots 1 inch x 7 inch strips of paper
Fold all strips in half
Take two folded strips and put one inside of the other to start
Take the ends of the second strip and glue the outside ends together to form the heart shape.
Before gluing, place the next folded paper inside the top of
the heart and glue all together.

Tea light & Candle Holders 
Elmers glue
Paint brush
Jars or glass containers
Rock salt or Epsom salt

Mix the elmers glue with the water in a bowl
Use a small paint brush to paint the entire outside of an old jar 
Roll right away on the salt 

“Blinged” out Light Switch
Elmers glue
Paint brush

Remove your light switch cover with tools
Cover entire cover with a light coating of glue using brush
Cover entire cover with glitter, wait to dry, and then shake off extra glitter

Personalized Coasters 

Modge Podge
Floor Tiles
Elmers glue

Cut felt into rectangle same size as tile
Glue felt to the bottom of tile for a soft surface

Make design on tile using magazines, photos, newspapers

Recycled Desk Top Organizer
Soup/food cans
Fun construction paper or stationary paper
Elmers glue
Hot glue

Take each individual can and wrap it with construction or stationary paper of your choosing. 
Decorate it with stickers, etc
Hot glue gun the cans together in the pyramid shape, making sure to let each level dry before adding the new level

Home-made Headbands
Tape (opt)

Cut even sized strips out of your t-shirt. 
They can be longer or shorter depending on the size of the
headband you would like
Tie the ends of the strips together. You can tape the edges to the table
to help keep the strips in place.Then braid the strips together, when
you have reached a desired length cut and knot the ends together.

Citrus Coasters
Circle template (opt)
Felt 2-base circles of the same color
Felt 1-base circle of another color
Felt 8- triangles of base color
Thread/Needle or glue

Cut two base circles out of the same color. Stitch together along the edge of the two circles.
Cut a smaller circle out of another felt color. 
Cut out 8 triangles that can be positioned in a circle on the middle layer.
You will want the triangles to be smaller than the 2nd color of felt so that you can see the color in between the triangles. 
Sew the triangles to the middle circle and the two already sewed base circles


I am a junior studying biomedical sciences and physical therapy at Marquette University.  I enjoy doing recreational sports and am currently training for a triathlon. I also enjoy volunteering for various organizations on campus and maintain a steady job at the dining hall. My hobbies are traveling, playing sports, trying new food, hanging out with friends, and watching movies. 
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