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Weekend Warrior: 21 Things to Do Under Age 21

Brew City is possibly the most accurate nickname for our fair city. Milwaukee is home to seven regional breweries and over thirty microbreweries. Tailgating a brewers game, going on a booze cruise on the River, or taking a pedal tavern down Water Street is as commonplace as a cheddar wurst here. When you are under 21, the fun tap in Milwaukee seems to have run dry.

Here is a list of all sort of fun you can have without drinking, so tap in, collegiettes.

1. The Milwaukee Brewers – Even if you are not from Wisconsin, the camaraderie and social aspect of Brewer’s games are a blast! Since all students are provided with bus passes, Miller Park is easily accessible. Tickets are as cheap as $13. Also, the park offers student discount nights, where students can get half off tickets and a free t-shirt.

2. The Oriental Theater – This historic theater shows the latest Indie films, as well as their monthly midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The atmosphere is ideal for movie viewing because you’ll feel like its the 40’s.

3. Bayshore and Mayfair Malls– What girl doesn’t enjoy a mall? Both of these malls are accessible by bus and provide a great variety of stores for all a girl’s shopping needs. Both provide plenty of sit down and fast food restaurants and Mayfair has an AMC movie theatre. This is a great idea for a girls night out!

4. Comedy Sportz – Comedy club that is similar to the show “Whose line is it anyway?” So if you enjoy comedy and are looking for something to do on a weekend, this place is great for group outings! Comedy sports is appropriate for all ages, but also has an adult (18+) show that has no rules! Also, they offer student discounts.

5. The Domes
Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Conservatory is home to plants from around the world, as well as a beautiful lights desplay. This is an iconic Milwaukee landmark, so every collegiette should stop by!

6. The Rave: This concert venue is a great place to catch the latest acts, old favorites, and the occasional day glo show. The Rave always offeres student discounts and is on the Maruqette Limo route because its so close to campus. 

7. Kopps Custard – Check out the flavor forecast, because Milwaukee’s
most popular custard creators only make two fantastic flavors every day. They also have chocolate and vanilla, award-winning chese curds, and great burgers. The only thing better than the food is the custard! Kopps is a must! 

8. Murder Mystery Dinner Theater – Do you love playing the game clue? How about a real-life game of it? The Murder Mystery Dinner is located downtown Milwaukee and offers a 4-course dinner and an interactive show. Everyone gets to participate in the show and the top detective at the end gets a prize. But remember, everyone is a suspect, even you, so be careful whom you talk to, because the murderer could be sitting right next to you! Make sure that you get your reservation in early because spots fill up fast!

9. Milwaukee Cupcake Company – If you are obsessed with shows like “Cake-boss” and “Cupcake wars” you will love this place! It’s a small boutique in the Third Ward that sells gourmet cupcakes. They have a variety of flavors that change weekly and they even decorate them special for the holidays.
Milwaukee Public Marquette- Located in the Third Ward, this place is a great stop for groceries. It is similar to a farmers market, where you can buy fresh foods, but it differs in that it offers a wider variety of foods from candies to cheeses to meats. And while you are there, you can walk down the street to the Milwaukee Cupcake Company too!

10. Bradford Beach – It is hard to pass up beautiful weather; everyone seems to want to be outside and take advantage of it while we can before the winter comes. Bradford beach is a great place to do any outside activity. The beach offers swimming in Lake Michigan, tanning, volleyball courts, and has plenty of space for a pick-up game of ultimate Frisbee or soccer. Along the beach is a concrete path for biking, jogging, rollerblading, etc.

11. Bingo at Potawatomi – The casino is practically in our back yard and has bingo every Sunday at 12 A.M. You can also play over 180 electronic cards in addition to the traditional game. There are special themed games throughout the month.

12. The Pabst, Riverside, and Turner Hall – These concert venues are as unique as the artists who play them. You never know who’ll be here, so keep up with their schedules. 

13. Late Night Marquette – These events are offered every weekend and provide a good alternative to those who do not want to drink and party on the weekend. These events are my favorite, one because they are FREE, they offer FREE food, and you usually bring back a ton of FREE Marquette Memorabilia. The events range from movies to concerts to dancing lessons, all the way to scavenger hunts around the city. So even if you are the one to party, these events are still fun to go to for a little while before you get ready to go out.

14. The Art Museum – Possibly the most recognizable spot in Milwaukee, the Art Museum is home to all sorts of notable works from Rembrant to Chihuly. There are currently six special exhibitions on display indefinately in addition to the museum’s consistant collection. The museum also overlooks Lake Michigan, so it’s a perfect place to sit and relax. Once a month, specially themed events are held at night and open to the public. 

15. Downtown Books – This resale book shop is a great place to get discount text books, brouse for birthday gifts in the romance novel section, or play with one of the many kitties who roam and play on the shelves. 

16. Valley Fields – This is home to Marquette soccer and all sorts of other sports. Come cheer your school on! We have more than basketball, you know! 

17. Altera Coffe Houses
The official hang out of the cafinated in Cream City, these coffee houses are all over the city. They’re a great place to get some local food or study for that big exam comming up. Occasionally, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra will send a few of their members for live performances. 

18. The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra – While we’re mentioning it, MSO is an extremely talked group. Put on your Sunday best at stop by Marcus Center for a performance. 

19. The Brew City Bruisers – Rollerderby is the official sport of empowered women everywhere! Check out a bout and learn all about this sport that’s on the rise. Milwauke is home to four teams –  Shevil Kneviles, Rushin’ Rollettes, Maiden Milwaukee and Crazy 8’s. These events are equal part sport and entertainment, with Beer Leaders and firece competition. 

20. The Zoo – With the holidays coming up, the Zoo’s light show is a perfect place to go and indulge in some childhood memories. The Zoo is also free on certain Mondays! 
21. The Public Museum – This museum is close to Marquette’s camp and is contantly uodate its exibits, so stop by frequently. There are substantial student discounts, and its also home to the Omnimax Theater. 

Hannah McCarthy is a junior studying Broadcasting and Electronic Communication at Marquette University. She is currently the News Director at Marquette Radio. Hannah calls Cincinnati, OH home. In her free time, Hannah obsesses over Public Radio and hopes to be a news reporter after she graduates. 
I am a junior studying biomedical sciences and physical therapy at Marquette University.  I enjoy doing recreational sports and am currently training for a triathlon. I also enjoy volunteering for various organizations on campus and maintain a steady job at the dining hall. My hobbies are traveling, playing sports, trying new food, hanging out with friends, and watching movies. 
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